What happened on Friday night in Surat must be unprecedented. The demand for tickets of Housefull at Rajhans multiplex in Surat for the last (11 p.m.) show on the opening day (30th April) was so huge that the management had a tough time controlling the crowds. Even after the packed show started at 10.55 p.m., people, who did not get the tickets, refused to leave the multiplex building. Rather, more people were seen coming to the cinema in the hope of getting tickets. Finally, the management decided at 11.15 p.m. to hold an extra show and, believe it or not, the show became house-full in 15 minutes flat! The unscheduled house-full show of Housefull started at 12 midnight, much to the joy of the public.

Incidentally, the initial of the film was bumper in many centres of Gujarat and Saurashtra, just as it was in most other circuits.

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