3 films old Sushant Singh Rajput has impressed everyone with his acting skills and enjoyed a decent success in Bollywood so far. Sushant is now gearing up for his upcoming biographical sports drama M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story, which is set to hit the screens this Friday.

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  1. Don’t you have the app for I-phones. This particular app has a lot of bugs. It doesn’t show the upcoming releases. The pics can’t been seen. And a lot more issue

  2. wel there are many sites which gives reviews , so best of luck for our other users, i m bugged up today and totally boycott this site , this s d pathetic step u have taken

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  4. Hi, I have broadband internet and don’t use Wi-Fi so I strictly use internet on my PC. Now since a few days you have been forcing the people who visits the site to watch some exclusive articles available on Android and other smartphone platforms. But what about those who can’t access internet through phone. So stop forcing people to use app. If people want to use the app then they will use it naturally. Also I want to say that since quite a time you people have been using excessive “click-bait” journalism. Like this article, you could have easily used the headline like: Housefull 3 needs to gross more than Ready to become the highest grossing comedy. But no, you went with click-bait. I am not saying it is bad but you would lose some smart users like me who understands your tactics and greed to earn more clicks. If you just make simple headlines people will go and read the full article if they are interested. I used to love you Koimoi but now you have just become some typical gossip website.

  5. What is cheap publicity to post news constantly just to increase number of app downloads. I am regular visitor of koimoi, I’ll never visit this website from now as we are not getting any Bollywood news from this portal.

  6. Sultan trailer is very average …i was waiting for dis movie bt …..hope sultan will be a good film….bt it is confirm that dangal and mohenjodaro will be better than sultan

  7. … What is the fault of windows phone users ??? Please kindly tell me …….. don’t we have rights to enjoy this type of exclusive statements??

    Waiting for your answer


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