Esha Gupta Reveals Her Way Of Dealing With Social Media Trolls & Negativity (Pic credit: Instagram/egupta)
Esha Gupta Handles Trolls Like A Boss & Reveals What She Feels About Them (Pic credit: Instagram/egupta)

As we always say that Social Media is a strange place to be in. If you get lots of love, then you even face a lot of trolls and haters. Especially if you are a celebrity, then online trolling and negativity becomes part and parcel of your life. But, everyone has a different way of dealing with the same. Esha Gupta shares how she deals with it.


While some chose to shame their unwanted trolls, others think that ignorance is bliss. Continue reading further to know how Esha handles social media negativity?

Recently Gupta recently broke her silence on facing negativity on social media. In an interview with Times of India, the stunner said people who continue to troll even in 2020, have some serious issues or are either too frustrated in life.


Esha Gupta further assumed how trolls might not have anyone to talk to; hence they choose this route of spreading negativity for others. “I think even after 2020 if people are busy being negative and trolling, it’s because they might have some serious issues. I sometimes feel bad that maybe they are frustrated and don’t have anyone to talk to; hence they troll others. Mental health awareness is very important,” said the actress. Upon being asked about the ongoing insider vs outsider debate in Bollywood, Esha added, “If we keep debating we would always see the glass half empty side.”

Spilling the beans on her upcoming projects, Esha said, “I have signed 3 web series and 2 films which are starting February end onwards in Mumbai. This year was tough for all of us but next year seems to look up.”

On the personal front, Esha Gupta is dating a Spanish man named Manuel Campos Guallar. The two often paint the social media red with their adorable PDA.

Well, we love how Esha handles social media negativity and trolls. Way to go girl!

What do you think about Esha Gupta and her way of dealing with social media negativity? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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