One has heard of films being postponed due to one or the other reason. The film may not be ready to hit the screens on the scheduled date, necessitating a postponement. Or the release date may not be opportune for the film in question because a bigger film has been slated for release on the same day. The reasons could be many. But Mukesh Bhatt, who had announced September 11 as the release date of his Crook, starring Emraan Hashmi, has gone ahead and decided to get it a month before that date. Yes, the release of Crook has been preponed to 6th August.

The problems with the Australian government having been solved, Bhatt is away in Australia shooting Crook there to meet the release date. It may be mentioned here that the Australian authorities were wary of allowing the film to be shot in the country as they feared it would show the Australians in bad light. The film touches upon the topic of racial discrimination against Indians.

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