Deepika Padukone seems to be riding high on success, quite literally now-a-days. Immediately after Cocktail‘s release Deepika had bagged a brand endorsement of a leading automobile company, as it seems they were impressed with her performance as the audacious ‘Veronica’ in the film. Moreover, Deepika’s performance was liked by audiences immensely which made the brand owners even keener on having the actress as their endorser.

Deepika Padukone hot in yellow
Deepika Padukone hot in yellow

Deepika’s spokesperson told us, “When the brand shared their research, we were also pleasantly surprised with the results. It only goes to show that everyone has loved her performance in Cocktail and has identified with the character. Deepika has signed the deal for a huge amount. The owners of the brand thought that she would be the perfect face as she successfully played the character of a free-spirited girl, who lives life on her own terms.”

Sources also reveal that Deepika’s association with the brand has helped the brand sales to raise upto 20%.

Well, not bad Deepika! Looks like Deepika’s become favorite in ad world with her rising of mass appeal.

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