How Akshay Kumar song 'Teri mitti' inspired Chef Vikas Khanna
Chef Vikas Khanna On Getting Inspired By Akshay Kumar’s Song Teri Mitti: “Have Dedicated 30 Million Meals To The Soil…” (Photo Credit – Vikas Khanna/Instagram)

Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna has launched an initiative to feed marginalised people during the Covid-19 pandemic, and he cites an Akshay Kumar song as his inspiration.

“I have dedicated 30 million meals to the soil of my country. There is a song in Akshay Kumar‘s film ‘Kesari’ called ‘Teri mitti’. This song inspired and pushed me. Even if I can’t go back to my village, I hope that my village is always flourishing,” said Khanna, who, over the past five months, has been serving 30 million meals to the less privileged in the country during the lockdown hunger, though he stays in the United States.



Talking about his campaign, Vikas Khanna said: “I am also grateful to National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) for supporting us in this initiative. I think they are the true heroes of our country.

Vikas Khanna’s campaign is called Feed India and he has collaborated with Mukul Madhav Foundation to realise it.

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