For all those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the Kangana Ranaut starrer Simran, here is some news which may not be music to your ears.


Even though the release of Simran is just a few hours from now, the sad part about the film comes in the form of a shocker that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has reportedly ordered as many as 10 cuts in the film. The said report was recently published in the latest edition of ‘Deccan Chronicle’.

Simran: CBFC orders 10 cuts in Kangana Ranaut's film including loud moans during sex
CBFC Orders 10 Cuts In Kangana Ranaut’s Simran, Including Toning Down Of Sexual Moan Sounds 

One of the ten words which have been reportedly cut by the CBFC in the film includes the usage of the word ‘bitch’ in as many as six places. And the reason stated for cutting the said word was because the concerned officials who were in charge of the film certification opined that the said word was derogatory towards the women folks. And the concerned officials at the Central Board of Film Certification office opined that any kind of language or gesture which would be derogatory towards the women folks would never be permissible. In addition to the deletion of ‘bitch’ word, the CBFC officials also told the makers of Simran to do away with yet another word ‘bastard’, which they found to be objectionable. In addition to these, Simran will also see the deletion of a particular scene in which there had been a reference to the Muslim community.

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Besides the aforementioned cuts, the CBFC officials had also reportedly instructed the makers of Simran to tone down the loud sexual moans, which have been reportedly featured in the film. The film’s makers were told to tone down the moaning sound because the CBFC officials felt that the sound effect of the love making scene looked much more provocative than it actually was. Besides the toning down of the sexual moans, the makers of Simran were also instructed to subdue a couple of violence scenes, including the sound of a slap in a particular scene.

The Hansal Mehta directed Simran will be releasing tomorrow (September 15).




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