Kajol has issued a statement on Twitter after a video of hers allegedly eating beef went viral. In her statement, the actress has claimed that it was buff and not beef, which she was consuming.

Kajol had posted a video on social media on Sunday which showed the actress being served ‘beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef’ by her friend Ryan Stephen. The video went viral in no time and the actress was trolled for her culinary preferences, especially for consuming a kind of meat for which people are getting beaten up and even killed in India. Also, beef is a banned meat in many states of the country.

Kajol soon got a hint of the consequences that might follow and was quick to delete the video from her Facebook account. However, the stills of the party which the actress had posted on Instagram are still there.

Buff And Not Beef: Clarifies Kajol After Her Controversial Video Goes Viral
Buff And Not Beef: Clarifies Kajol After Her Controversial Video Goes Viral

Kajol took to Twitter to explain that it was legally available meat buff and not beef, which could be seen in the video. She tweeted, “A video of me at a friend’s lunch said that there was a beef dish at the table. That’s a miscommunication. What was shown was buffalo meat, that is legally available meat. I’m issuing this clarification because this is a sensitive matter that may hurt religious sentiments, which is not my intention.”

Just a month ago, the manager of a hotel in Jaipur was beaten up by the mob for allegedly serving beef. Very recently, three men were roughed up by animal rights group members in Delhi for allegedly transporting buffaloes in their truck.

At a time when the country is witnessing a heated political situation regarding trading and consumption of beef, was this a very responsible act coming from a veteran actor and public figure like Kajol?

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