We all know, how religiously we make New Year resolutions. We are also aware of how soon these resolutions go flying out of the window because they are almost always impossible to abide by or fulfill. So, here are some resolutions, we recommend, film people must make in the New Year 2011,  and strive to not follow or achieve:

Producers: We will make bad films. We will not work on scripts. We will make proposals, not films. We will happily share royalties with writers, composers, lyricists.

Stars: We will charge still more crazy prices and demand more than ever from our producers.

Writers: We will not write original stuff. Instead, we will refurbish content from old Hindi films and from new Hollywood films.

Music directors, lyricists, writers: We will not fight for our right in copyright. We will offer to work for free, forgoing even our fees.

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