As Indian scientists achieved a commendable feat with the launch of ‘Mangalyaan’ – Mars mission which is world’s most low cost mars mission, Bollywood celebrities lauded this achievement and rocked the Twitter world with their happy tweets. This is India’s maiden mission to the Mars and the team ISRO is currently rejoicing its biggest moment.


Look what our celebs had to say about this proud moment for all Indians:

Amitabh Bachchan: #Mangalyaan … Our scientists have achieved what others could not .. Badhai, Pyaar, Sneh, Abhinandan, aur Jai jai kaar !! MOM !!

Akshay Kumar: Woke up to the great news of #Mangalyaan, the cheapest Mars mission ever! What a great achievement. Congrats @ISRO #ProudIndian

Riteish Deshmukh: #Mangalyaan Every Indian should be proud of this achievement. Congratulations team @isro

Poonam Pandey: #Mangalyaan #ISRO congratulations on creating history !! Finally #Indians reach the Red planet … Very proud !!

Abhishek Kapoor: Mangal mangal..#Mangalyaan.. Massive achievement for #ISRO Jai hind!

Sridevi: I congratulate India and #ISRO on the sucessful mission to Mars. #Mangalyaan #MissionMars #MarsMission.

Shahid Kapoor: Mangalayan reaches Mars on 1st attempt . Big respect . #proudindian

Taapsee Pannu: Three cheers for ISRO!

Sonakshi Sinha: Why wasnt i told about this Mars trip?!? I also wanted to go. Anyway, next time! Good going #ISRO! India shines again :) #Mangalyaan

Let’s hope this ‘Mangalyaan’ eventually shows us where these men actually belong to!

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