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In counting the weekend figures, why should you count five days’ collections in the case of BODYGUARD? After all, the weekend should be of three days as in normal circumstances.
Komal Nahta: But if the weekend is of five days, who are you or who am I to not consider that fact. If Bodyguard has released during a long weekend, we will have to consider the collections of that long weekend to arrive at the final figure.

Like Ali Zafar, can the actors of Pakistani film BOL also get roles in Indian films?
Komal Nahta: They can but only if they are willing to come to India. Genuine talent is always welcome in Bollywood because there’s constant shortage of it.

You mentioned last week that the distributors of Aditya Chopra’s MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN are raving about the film. How can you rely upon their judgement? They are concerned parties and would want their film to click.
Komal Nahta: They may be the concerned parties but there is something as honest feedback too. If you are trying to say that the distributors may simply be trying to create a buzz around their film and are praising it for that reason, please be informed that they are also putting their money where their mouth is. For, the order for prints for the various territories went up by 300 after the distributors saw Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. They can fool the world but why would they invest money in 300 additional prints if they weren’t convinced about the film’s merits? This apart, you will also appreciate that whenever a person watches a film, what he can give is his personal opinion. The final judge is the paying public.



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