Actress Kirti Kulhari who is busy promoting her upcoming film Blackmail hopes that it does well at the box-office.

Kirti interacted with the media here on Wednesday to promote the film.

When asked what helps an actor to get more work — box office success or good performance, the actress said, “It’s both actually… Numbers always help, I think more than the performance. But it also depends… There are some people in the industry to whom what matters is how good the actor is but to others it doesn’t.

Hoping 'Blackmail' does well at the box-office: Kirti Kulhari
Blackmail Actress Kirti Kulhari: “Numbers Always Help, I Think More Than The Performance”

“What matters to them is how much money the film made and what kind of market this particular actor has so, both the things matter but in different degrees to different people. Having said that, if I have performed brilliantly and my film doesn’t do well at the box-office, it does reduce the chances of me getting good work. So I hope Blackmail does well at the box-office.”

Kirti has worked in different films like Pink, Indu Sarkar and now a comedy.

The actress says that it was her conscious effort to do these films and was growing with each of them.

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