Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn

He might have debuted with a considerably less anticipated debut vehicle but he has always made his presence felt in the industry and how. Capturing the coveted Black Lady for his Debut film with immense sincerity, Ajay Devgn became one of the most sought after Superstars of Tomorrow way back in the early 1990s. From Phool Aur Kaante to Himmatwala, this superstar has carved a different biography of his, one that spans for over two decades.


Ajay Devgn, the amiable tinsel ville actor has always been famous for his searing intensity and the magnified strength that he delivers through his effective performances. But of late, Ajay the superstar has taken a lead over Ajay, the actor where performance driven roles are not his choices anymore! With the industry going gaga about the newly invented 100 crore club, Ajay Devgn has been no different. Opting for desi-rustic masala entertainers, low on content and high on superficial and unbelievable spoofs, every actor is aiming for the Rajinikanth way to super shot fame.

While Salman is busy giving one blockbuster after the other in his own inimitable manner and is being hailed as the Tiger of the Bollywood Box Office arena, Ajay, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan have also leaped out to the same genre to prove their mass appeal. While none of them could really bank upon their starry appeal to cross the benchmarks set by Salman’s films, Ajay and Akshay have failed to maintain a continuity of hits and super hits in their kitty. While a irritable Joker broke Akshay’s dream run, it was Tezz last year that stopped Ajay from his share of continuity.

Coincidentally, Tezz released last year post his birthday and Himmatwala released just prior to his birthday, both being failures and doing nothing great to the charismatic career that Ajay could have boasted of, sans this typical nonsensical films!

Today, as we celebrate the Birthday of our Himmatwala, there is just an anecdote of what movie goers and industry inhabitants would advice this dark and powerful actor. An actor who was labeled by his sheer cinematic brilliance in films like Zakhm, The Legend of Bhagat Singh and Gangaajal has actually been reduced to ashes with lack luster performances that have no story to tell. While Bol Bachchan and Son Of Sardaar were major box office successes raking in a lot of moolah under the Ajay Devgn brand, both the films were typical pot boilers with a loose narrative. Ajay, the actor is slowly perishing and giving way to Ajay, the superstar who in his own terms is failing to maintain that level of continuity in his array of successes as well.

With the release of the hyped and euphoric Sajid Khan Entertainer last Friday, the film was expected to create thunderstorms at the box office, shattering many a records this year since it brings into fore the tale of two successful individuals together: Sajid Khan and Ajay Devgn. The film maker and the actor who have both tasted super success in the recent past with their films doing exclusively mammoth business at the box office have failed to deliver the performance of the magnitude that was expected out of them.

While the ‘funwaala’, ‘actionwaala’ Himmatwala was reduced to the mere shackles of tom foolery and utter stupidity, the film was panned by critics at large. Nevertheless unlike other Sajid Khan entertainers which manages to pick up well in spite of negative reviews, Himmatwala failed to rise up to the stage and gain any momentum. Neither could it speed up the cash registrars, which generally is the story with any masala action drama these days. Plus, a disgusting and dismal acting performance in both his superhit films last year landed him with the Special Golden Kela Award for the Worst Actor category! To think that this Ajay was once the recipient of the National Award for his awing performance in his films and then finally reaching this stage today, funny isn’t it?

As we just said, Tezz brought the ultimate showdown to the rising success of Ajay, the Superstar last year and Himmatwala definitely was the worst choice of films lined up for Ajay as it could only bring his credibility down by notches low! Although it is too difficult, rather impossible to ask our actor-turned-superstars to get rid of the South Indian masala action drama and gibberish stunt wale flicks at bay, it would be wonderful to see Ajay doing another Ajay Desai or an S.P. Amit Kumar act right from his closet. While New Year is meant for resolutions, we wish Ajay resurrects his sinking acting credibility to do some more thought-provoking and less glitzy films that brings back the Ajay we love back into the game.

We wish Ajay, the actor a very Happy Birthday and wish he can rise like a phoenix and get out of this mindless numbers game and just Act!




  1. Ajay devgan it not superstar.he is only star with rohit setty’s film,
    superstar is ranbir kapoor and shahrukh khan

    • Yes,giving a flop film like Tezz n giving hit only bcoz of Rohit,how dare they call him superstar?.look how does his film fare in overseas..even a single film didn’t cross 10cr n called him superstar..funny.look top ten overseas boc.SRK rules!.its fact.n RK is only d actor who can replace SRK.Real Superstars.

  2. Ajay Devgn is the only actor who ve tasted both commercially and artistically successes unlike others. In his career, he has already won 2 National Awards and entered 100 cr club with 4 films so far. Neither Irfan Khan nor Salman Khan ve reached this level and nevertheless Ajay has not been overconfident bt down to earth


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