Vidya Balan poses for the shutterbugs
Vidya poses for the shutterbugs

Known for her subdued calmness and vulnerability, she is a head turner. From Lolita to Neetu and beyond, we have enjoyed all the characters that Vidya Balan has portrayed on screen.

On the special occasion of her Birthday, we bring you everything first from Vidya’s life.


First pay cheque: Well I was still in school but that was cash payment. So my first pay cheque would be on my first serial La Bellas which was for 1200 rupees.

First assignment: A Kerala tourism ad. It was a print campaign for Kerala tourism.

First crush: (Pauses, laughs) I am thinking how to say that. When one of my friends had asked me about my first crush, I had said Satyajit Ray!

First time you boarded a flight: I was in the fourth standard.

First stage performance was: In school which never happened. I was asked to play Humpty Dumpty and all my friends started teasing me so I opted out at the last minute. I got really upset.

First time you cooked: I remember my mother was down with fever when I was in the seventh standard. I wanted to do something for her. So I woke up in the morning and made roti and sabzi for all of us. But obviously, I didn’t have any sense of proportion so the sabzi landed up being one katori for four of us! (Laughs)

First time you landed up being proposed: I was in the 12th standard in my French tuition, where there was this boy who wrote me this beautiful poem.

First time you slapped someone: It was again in my first year at Xaviers. At the VT Station, someone tried to misbehave so I wacked him!

Koimoi wishes our epitome of strength, our Big Balan a very bombaat Birthday.

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