She is blessed with sweltering beauty. She is uberliciously ravishing and attractive. She is what every man desires for and every girl desires to be. She is Kareena Kapoor, recently turned Khan. And today our Bebo turns 33. This is her first birthday as Kareena Kapoor Khan, after she tied a knot with Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan, last year.


Right from her debut in Refugee (2000), Kareena, never nudged from etching her mark in the star-studded tinsel town. And then the rest is all over the news. In the last decade, Kareena had been media’s favorite child, for reasons good and bad. So, what is that one thing that you cannot miss about the Choti Begum of Pataudi Khandaan? Can’t think of one, right? We give you 10 Things ‘We Just Can’t Forget About Kareena Kapoor’.

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor

1. Bebo’s debut: She was supposed to debut opposite Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyar Hai, however, she was introduced in the B-Town, with J.P Dutta’s Refugee (2000) opposite Abhishek Bachchan. Fate and conscious decision helped her bag her first Filmfare then. In a career of 13 years, Kareena has done numerous films, that bagged her applause, recognition, awards and not to forget criticism too.

2. Kareena-Hrithik’s Affair: Bebo went on to deny it in front of the media, but then it was in the air, that Hrithik and Kareena, after initially working in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, had a fling and were going around. The rumors went rife even more when the two were spotted at Dargah of Ajmer, and media cooked it that they went there to get married. But it was as they say “all rumors”. And “all rumors” were put to end when Hrithik decided to marry his childhood friend and love Suzzane Khan.

3. Kareena and her ‘cat-fights’: A labeled spoilt brat Kareena, was even tagged to be unruly and ill-mannered at the start of her career. While filming for Ajnabee, rumors were doing rounds that Kareena made a racial remark at Bipasha, calling her a ‘kaali billi’. All this was shunned by both the actresses then, but later was in hush-hush tones discussed in subsequent interviews. Well, it’s not only Bipasha, with whom Kareena had rumored cat-fights. Add to the list Priyanka Chopra. With PeeCee, Kareena has history. Their on-off, khatta-meetha, relationship has always been before the media. Be it over Heroine, Fashion, ‘sour grapes’ or whatever.

4. Kareena-Shahid’s Love Affair: It was all roses and candies for the two young heartthrobs of Bollywood- Shahid Kapoor and Kareena. They dated for quite a few years and were ‘the couple’ amidst the glitterati. They had been very vocal about their affair to the media and went on-record discussing each other. While they were so in love, a viral video of Shasha and Bebo kissing and making out was all over and caused a lot of discomfort for the two. They both denied and claimed the MMS clip was forged.

5. Kareena-Shahid’s Breakup: They were once so in love, but later their passion didn’t last long. After dating each other for 3 years, the two parted ways. The actual reasons are yet unknown, but the two maturely broke up and even today share cordial relationships with each other. And if you wish to believe the rumor mills, you can on your own come up with a few names that might have led to the break-up.

6. Jab We Met: Sadly Kareena and Shahid, couldn’t stay together forever, but Jab they met on screen after the break-up, it was fireworks. Despite doing a few films together, while they were dating, Bebo and Shahid couldn’t deliver a film like they gave to the audiences in terms of Jab We Met. Both went on record to say that their best films happened post them parting ways from each other. Till date, “Geet” is what we think Bebo has expressed the best on screen.

7. Saifeena: Shortly after Shahid’s departure from her love life, Bebo found solace in terms of Saif Ali Khan. And Saif and Kareena, went on to be Indian Brangelina as Saifeena (Saif+Kareena). They dated for quite a few years and their love saga knows no bounds. Love for them got redefined and for the audiences, it was a fairy tale in the Bollyland.

8. Saif and Kareena’s marriage: These lovebirds, truly believe in happily ever after, and this fairy tale, got grander when Saif and Kareena tied a knot on 16th October, last year. Their marriage was the most talked about affair and was like a dream wedding one could wish for. Kareena Kapoor was a name in itself, but when Khan got added to her last name, the Brand Kareena just got more heavier and shaandaar.

9. Kareena As The Style Icon: It has to be admitted that the kind of looks Kareena has, and the way she truly accentuates it, is worth all applauses she gets. Kareena the fashionista, the Diva, the style icon, has a massive youth connect. So much so that Mrs. Khan will design a signature denim collection for an International brand that will be called Bebo. Be it beauty products, lifestyle brands, fashion labels, or even a mere soft drink Kareena has the Brand Power to sell anything.

10. Kareena As An Actress: She has the mettle in her, and she is not just one of those eye-candy plastics walking on the screen to and fro. When time has demanded, Kareena has delivered exceptional performances in terms of acting. Even though her films might not have done wonders on Box-Office, Kareena-the-actress always left an impression on the critics and audiences. Initially, we agree Bebo, was a little too over the top in melodramatic scenes. Fine! Not a little but more than a little, but over the time she refined and honed her skills. Naaz, Isha, Poo, Tina, Khushi, Aliya, Neha, Anjali, Tanvi, Dolly, Geet, Ekta, Chameli, Daboo, Raina, Soniya, or Mahi Arora, these are not just characters she portrayed, but are sheer reflections of Kareena’s versatility. You have to agree nobody could do “Poo” or “Geet” better than her.

Being a humanitarian Kareena, has done a lot for the society and has a lot of philanthropic endeavors to her name. She is not only a great actress but also a great human being. Here’s wishing this Bolly Babe a great and fun-filled 33rd Birthday. May you grow more beautiful with each passing year!

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