Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

He is the only man who can even charm a stone, a monumental legend whose story would serve as a historic piece in the decades to come. Living Life King size yet being one of the most grounded and rooted celebrities of all times, Shah Rukh Khan is truly an epitome of immense strength and power as he traverses from one territory to the other.Battling against all odds and coming out triumphant on the true crossroads of life has made SRK a trademark phenomenon today.


Call him the god of Romance and he will laugh it off, such is his persona! “Well I just am a shy person and all these titles make me feel extremely humbling and even shyer. Well, if you notice, when people say these, I start blushing. I am just happy that I am thought of as an actor who is known to try different genres, one of them being romance and hopefully, some of you like me!” gushed an already blushing Shah Rukh glittering with his charismatic million dollar smile.

While people globally celebrate his birthday today, we at Koimoi bring to you an Exclusive Rapid fire we did with him while he was in Kolkata for his film promotions. Excerpts from the Archive:

The happiest moment of your life was:
The birth of my children. I really was very thrilled because they are very anxious moments, actually! Then when they are born, they look like little soggy lizards but its beautiful to hold them in your arms. And now that they are growing up, I am even happier that they were born.

Which look do you prefer: the clean shaven look or the bearded look?
I don’t know. My daughter likes me shaved, and girls a little older than my daughter like me with the beard. If I just wanting to be lazy which I am not allowed to do, its just then that I can grow my beard, if not for a film. It is a little scratchy for the few days that you grow it. So clean shaven would be better, I feel.

A feeling that you hate the most:
The feeling of being let down, maybe or letting people down. The field that I work in, all of us we end up letting people down sometimes without even wanting to do so. The circumstances are such that it happens automatically. I just hate that feeling that I have let that person down and now I have to face that person. Somewhere I know it inside and that guilt is bad.

 Your favourite Yash Raj movie is:
‘Deewar’ and ‘Waqt’ are beautiful films and I like them a lot. I have also told this previously in interviews. And among the ones that I have done with him, as he always said, it is always the last one with Yashji, so Jab Tak Hai Jaan. But I liked being the baddie in ‘Darr’. I like playing negative characters more, I presume! Main villain zyada accha lagta hu.

5 words that best describes you:
Easy, cool and quite good!

Had you not been an actor, you would have turned:
A teacher, because I love teaching. I would have enjoyed that just the way I enjoy studying and teaching. I do that to my kids sometimes, too.

Your favourite childhood memory would be:
I don’t know but I was told that I had a favourite pink piano which I used to play with when I was one and half or two years old. So I miss my piano.

The 5 ways to immediately slip into and win Shah Rukh’s heart would be:
To Play video games with me, don’t trouble me at all, leave me alone at times, be child-like and accept me with all my fluidities.

Your favourite holiday destinations:
London and Dubai are two places I love going. But well beyond that, I don’t know. I am not much into traveling. I like staying in Mannat only. Mannat is my favourite favouritest location.

The innate quality that one requires to be an actor at par with someone as talented like you, would be:
Your aim and target should be much higher. I think the first thing that is essential for a person to become a successful actor would be having an air of uniqueness around you. Just believe in yourself, act well because no role is small. Just know one thing: There are no small roles, only small actors exist. The more you will act, the more you will realize how much little you know. So its important to keep on acting all the time.

Koimoi wishes SRK a very Happy Birthday and hopes to see him livening up our screens and lighting up our lives just like his Surinder Suri avatar did.

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