And today is the birthday of India’s most stellar Superstar – Rajinikanth. The man who gave a new dimension to the term style and stardom, celebrates his 63rd Birthday today.


While to write about his stardom or works are simply futile, Koimoi compiles for the unique Birthday wishes that his fans left on Twitter. To his star power and his strong hold as Thalaiva on his fans, here you go –


* #Rajinikanth does not age. Every birthday, it’s just another year added to his existence – happy bdy rajni sir

* If #Rajinikanth was born 100 years ago, the British would have fought to get independence!

* Dear Birthday – Happy #Rajinikanth to you

* #MindIt twitter & fb servers are going 2 crash today! Happy b’day #Rajinikanth who made everything possible in my world.

* Birthday is celebrating #Rajinikanth today

* Happy Birthday #Rajinikanth ! Please blow out the candles on your cake gently, else the world wouldn’t be able to handle the sudden tornado.

* #Rajinikanth is the only person who wasn’t born on his birthday !

* Strong winds blowing in delhi.. I suspect #Rajinikanth is blowing 63 candles on his birthday cake.. #HappyBirthdayRajinikanth

* No Powercut in Tamil Nadu today. Thalaiva’s birthday candles are keeping the light on. #HappyBirthdayRajnikanth

* This date is not special 2 #Rajinikanth but #Rajinikanth is special 2 dis date. #HappyBirthday

Share with us your unique birthday wish for the Superstar!

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