As the third installment of the franchise turned 5 years old yesterday, Hrithik Roshan shared a sneak peek into the preparations of Krrish 4.


The superstar hinted that Krrish 4 will be much grander in scale as compared to the earlier films.

Remembering the first moments of Krrish, Hrithik revealed that he was afraid and uncertain about signing up for the film, but still went ahead with it.

As Hrithik Roshan gears up for Krrish 4, shares he was terrified of shooting for Krrish 3!
Before Krrish 4 Arrives, Hrithik Roshan Shares Why He Was Terrified While Krrish 3!

He also revealed that Krrish 4 will go on floors soon and he has the same feeling as he had before shooting for Krrish.

“Do you ever feel terrified when you think about the distance between where you want to be and where you are?

Krrish in many ways for me is the struggle, aspiration, and endeavor of wanting to travel the length of that distance.

When my dad thought of the idea, the first thing I felt was doubt, uncertainty and incapable, I was simply afraid, and the second thing I felt was an absolute terror at the thought of not doing it because I was afraid.

So we went ahead and took the fear along with us for the ride.


What we lacked in budget, technology, specialization, and resources, we made up in tenacity, teamwork, discipline and perseverance.

Today, we are at the heels of yet another endeavor to shorten that distance with Krrish 4; and I feel exactly the same fear as I felt all those years ago.

And that is why I am reassured that we are on the right track.” wrote Hrithik.

Hence, Hrithik hinted that his father’s directorial will be bigger than all the previous Krrish in terms of budget, technology, specialization, and resources.

Hrithik Roshan’s superhero movie Krrish 3 released 5 years ago. The movie is extremely special to the superstar for many reasons.

Krrish was the movie which laid the foundation for superhero films in India. It, in fact, is the only successful superhero movie in India which has been made into a franchise.



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