As the actress crosses 20 million followers on Instagram, here are the Instagram hacks Jacqueline Fernandez follows.


One of the most active celebrities on Instagram, Jacqueline Fernandez time and again treats the audience with insights from her life.

As the actress crosses 20 million followers, here are a few Instagram Hacks by Jacqueline Fernandez!
As Jacqueline Fernandez Crosses 20 Million Followers, Here Are A Few Instagram Hacks By Her!

Known to be a social butterfly, Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most rapidly growing celebrities on Instagram.

Here are a few hacks the actress follows:

*What pics should go online?*

The picture shouldn’t be offensive, shouldn’t be vulgar, the pic shouldn’t be any negative. The actress likes to keep things funny, positive, interesting, inspiring on her page.

*Does Jacqueline like Filters?*


While the actress usually posts pictures without filters, Jacqueline however, loves filters. She feels they make things quite interesting, also they are amazing for days that you literally look like crap.

*Best post?*

Though the actress posts plenty of pictures, she has a few favourites. Like the one with her grumpy cat, the one at Sonam’s wedding and one with Salman Khan from the sets of Race 3 in the freezing location.



*Describe self on Insta?*

Probably YOLO!

*Whom is Jacqueline Following?*

There are very niche kind of pages that Jacqueline Fernandez follows like old world cinema, vintage, forgotten actresses etc. The actress also follows quite a few meme pages and a lot of animal stuff. Apart from that she also has a liking for miniature everything.

*Fav pose?*

Jacqueline doesn’t actually have a pose her Instagram rarely has any selfies, or posed stuff, in case that stuff does come up is probably something from a brand or commercial.

*Tips tp follow on Insta?*

It’s just important to try as hard as you can to be yourself, even if it means you might be boring. You might not post tracks for couple of days, weeks or months, don’t try to be something that you are not on Instagram because there are so many of those people who are trying really hard and are fake, people can see through that, just try your best to be yourself that’s it. Don’t try to be anyone else, it doesn’t look good.

*One song sumps up relationship with Instagram?*

Everybody wants to be famous!




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