Arshi Khan has been in the talks since she entered the Bigg Boss house. The lady is known for having her title of Awam Ki Rani. Well, even after she was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house she is seen giving appearances at various events.

Recently, Arshi Khan threw a big bash for the Bigg Boss 11 family. She also invited media people for giving statements. So if the report in BollywoodLife is to be believed, the actress almost confirmed her debut with Prabhas.

Arshi Khan To Star Oppsite Prabhas
Arshi Khan To Star Opposite Prabhas

She said, “We’re still in talks. If anything gets confirmed then I’ll definitely let you guys know.” She chirped. On being asked about who she has planned to invite for the party, she said, She said, “I’ve called everyone who was close to me and everybody from the TV industry. Whoever wants to come can come.”

Check out the video from the event right here:

There has been no official word out yet and Prabhas hasn’t given any confirmation either. While many Bollywood actresses are dying to bag a role alongside the darling of Telugu states girls, here Arshi Khan has managed to get lucky, thanks to her antics on the show.

While Arshi was speculated to do another show with Salman Khan, looks like the lady is already flooded with some good offers now let us see what show do we actually see her in next. If these developments are to be believed, it seems that the actress is flooded with good offers and fans can’t wait to see her next. Watch this space for further updates.

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