Television actor Ankit Gera has become the first contestant to get evicted from the celebrity reality show “Bigg Boss Nau”. Though his journey in the show was cut short, Ankit says for him the game is still on.

“For me, the game and show is still on. I got evicted as it is a rule, but I was not expecting such an early come out. I got to know what is happening inside the house in one week, the people and started moving around.

‘I decided a lot of things to do but I unfortunately came out,” Ankit told IANS over phone after coming out of the house on Sunday.

Ankit Gera on the sets of Bigg Boss
Ankit Gera on the sets of Bigg Boss

Ankit is now pinning hopes on being a wild card entry as he said “game is still on. Maybe wild card thing”.

His former girlfriend Roopal Tyagi was one of his co-contestants on “Bigg Boss Nau”. She was seen alleging that Ankit is trying to bring up the past to create issues in the house.

The actor asserts that he tried to be normal and think of all the contestants as his family members.

“I think she should have told me if I was digging the past because everybody saw what I was doing. I was being in my own territory. I’m not a person who will keep negativity and spoil the present. We were like a family inside. If she is thinking like that, it’s her point of view,” the actor said.

Ankit and Roopal starred in TV drama series “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke” and started dating then. But the pair eventually broke up amid cheating rumours.

The reality show, an Indian version of international series “Celebrity Big Brother”, is known for its notorious qualities like fueling controversies and constant brickbats.

With the theme “double trouble”, the new season of “Bigg Boss” has many TV celebrities like Kishwar Merchant, Aman Verma and Prince. The contestants are sent in as couples and the show will test their patience as a pair.

The ninth season of the Colors show is hosted by Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan.

It’s just one week since the show went on air, but Ankit, who also featured in “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya” and “Maharakshak Devi'”, emphasises that negative vibe has spread around the house.

“Everybody is there to win, everyone wants to show their superiority and fight. So, obviously vibe is very negative. I will not take names but the whole idea is that everybody is against everybody,” he said.

Now out of the house, Ankit plans to chill for a while.

Meanwhile, Ankit was Arvind Vegada’s partner. And since he had to leave the house, Arvind has got a new partner – a female mannequin. He will have to be tied up with the mannequin and take her everywhere along with him.

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