Amyra Dastur Recovers From Covid, Sends 10 Litres Of Fresh Juice To Covid Warriors
Amyra Dastur Sends 10 Litres Of Fresh Juice To Covid Warriors

She was diagnosed Covid positive on the 15th of November 2020. She experienced fluctuating fever and severe body pains from the 13th of November and decided to get tested on the 15th. She came out negative on the 28th of November 2020 after home quarantining alone until she was sure she wouldn’t be able to infect anyone, especially her father who is the medical director of a prominent Hospital in Mumbai, and has been on the frontline since this Pandemic began.


Amyra who has been working and shooting in Chennai and Mumbai throughout the pandemic, recently became the brand ambassador of a Delhi Based Juice Brand (Fresca Juices) and decided to donate over 10 litres of juice to the covid warriors at the Hospital run by her father.

Amyra says, “My sugar level dropped severely and I was very weak during my quarantine period so drinking juices really helped me regain my energy. The first 3 days of my infection were the hardest. The body pain was unbearable. I couldn’t get out of my bed for 2 whole days. I’ve always been a fitness freak so pain and soreness has never been an issue for me but this really was something else. Luckily I was fine after the 5th day from testing positive and I really wanted to help the covid warriors after going through this.


It’s the least I could do and the brand was super eager to help out as well. Covid Warriors have been working endlessly to help us and I can’t imagine the energy they’ve been spending to treat covid patients. I just wanted to send them the juices as a small gesture to make them know people care and I want to help them in whatever little way I could. Hopefully the juices will help them keep their energy levels up as well and let them know we’re all in this together.”

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