Ali Zafar in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Ali Zafar in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

The other actor who is trying something different in Kill Dil besides Govinda is Ali Zafar. While there is an adorability factor in Ranveer Singh, Ali looks rough and robust with his long hair, chiseled face and piercing look. Shaad Ali had asked Ali to not shave, not cut his hair and extract from him, the menacing best he can be. In an interview with Koimoi, Ali speaks to us about how music scores over acting for him, his fanboy moment at KBC and Kill Dil could become a cult film.


You have transformed yourself into an action hero for Kill Dil. It might not just be your forte. How did you think of trying the genre?
I was excited doing action in Kill Dil because I wanted to do something different and that is not because I was tired and bored of doing it but for the very reason that I want to be a versatile actor. I want to try different things, experiment with my roles and do good alternative, new age cool cinema. In that aspect, this film came by and it was amazing. This is my favourite role from the ones I have done. It was most fun to do action. I was dying to see myself in this avatar – kicking people, firing a gun and just get dirty with things. Not having to shave for a year was cool.

And you had the monumental task of matching step with Govinda. How did that go?
Yes I was keen on dancing with Govinda, who is one of the finest dancers in the World. Just the way he dances, he makes it look so much fun. So I was looking forward to dancing with him, sharing the same frame etc. What a memorable experience it has been.

The singer inside you might want to involve deeply with the musicians of the film. Did you give any inputs to Shankar Ehsaan and Loy about the hsongs?
No I don’t think it was required to give any input. They are the masters. I don’t like to intrude in anyone’s creative space. I have tried to sing the best I could. I was lucky to have got sing the biggest song of the film. I am glad I got to sing that. It was a technical song to sing. I had to do both the things – be a technically trained singer and dancer also. So it was fun. I like challenging myself.

The poster says you will Kill for Dosti. Give us a little insight into your character.
My character is an anchor between two worlds. He tries to balance out things and keeps things normal. He is the matured, sensible, focused and serious character. Hence the battle of which world shall sustain. There was a certain maturity I had to portray. Needed to have own strength and confidence. He has to save his ass in front of Bhaiyaji also. I hope that this character will attract lot of following. If someone is there to kill my friend, I will.

Since music remains your first love, will you sing for other actors or compose music for films you aren’t a part of?
I would want to concentrate and focus more on singing and may be compose for my films. It depends on what kind of project it is. So far the perception is I will not. Kishore Kumar did back then, so you never know may be, I may think about it.

You do very selected films. What draws you to a film?
Script, Casting, Director and Banner drew me to the film, particularly, my role in the film. If given a choice, I would have selected this role in the film, hands down. It gave me that room and space to show others what I can do other than romance and comedy.

You met Amitabh Bachchan on KBC and we’re strikingly awestruck. Is their a fanboy in you, who was elated the day yoy met him?
By far my best and probably the only fan boy moment of my life. I am a big fan of his. Who could have thought I would sit with him, on a popular show like KBC and present him the sketch I gave. It was a surreal experience. It was a special moment when he responded to the sketch. In fact, just the next day at Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday party, I met Abhishek and Jaya ji, and they said that Big B was praising me all night. That was very special.

What are your expectations from Kill Dil?
It has the capability of being a cult film!

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