Akshay Kumar’s yet another south remake Gabbar Is Back which is set to hit the screens on May 1 is based on corruption; the evil our country is facing since decades. Layered with the solutions for fighting corruption as ‘Gabbar’ Akshay Kumar says, “The film begins with me writing an unknown letter to a commissioner saying I am going to do violence by doing so and so. I had to put a name but, I can’t mention my real name, at the same time Sholay film was going on a satellite and so I write ‘Gabbar’ and from there Gabbar’s journey starts.”

Giving an example he further reveals, “From 2011 to 2015 India has given scam of $ 2.2 trillion which is equal to 20 years of income tax we as common people don’t need to pay. That money has gone abroad, and we don’t have any clue as to where is it all gone. In the film we are dealing with those scams. This film talks about thrashing them, you need a little bit of violence to it and making an example out of them and it should be made public. The film has a subtle comedy, subtle humor, and it’s just 2 hrs 7 minutes film.”

Akshay Kumar in a still from movie 'Gabbar Is Back'
Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Gabbar Is Back’

The movie is a remake of a Tamil film Ramana directed by A. R. Murugadoss and is 60% similar to the original, while the rest 40% is new addition, the whole film has real incidences, which has happened somewhere or the other says the actor. On asking does the additional 40% inputs will have the scams that our country has witnessed during the congress government, he says, “Something like that, but not those scams. We can’t take names obviously. We have to do it in a very different way, because I come from a background where I don’t want to take anybody’s name. I am no one to say that it’s proven this person is wrong, so it’s in a different way. Yes, its relatable and as an audience when you will see the film you will understand about whom and what are those incidences about.”

As the film deals with the subject of corruption, having his take on whether it is the system that is corrupted and are we right by blaming the system always for being corrupt he exclaims, “It has got to do with people also, according to the 2014 survey by global corruption about India, 65% of corruptions comes from politicians, 41% comes from judiciary, 52% comes from Police, so it is there at every level, everywhere there is something or the other. There is corruption in media as well, it was around 40%, and even in my industry also there is corruption. You will be surprised to know that in 2013 we were number 96 on ‘corrupted country list’ and in 2014 we came to 87; so we were down by 9 level. So the corruption has become less and we hope one day we come to number 2,3,4.”

Further, when asked is the team planning to have a special screening for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, he says, “I don’t think he must be having so much time, because there are so many other problems in our country, rather than sitting down and watching films, well, if the call comes from PM office I would love to show him the film.”

With a not so pleasing business at the Box- office, After ‘Baby‘ hopes are now on Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar Is Back.

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