Chad Gayi Hai: It is a known fact that Akshay Kumar stays away from smoking and alcohol while leading a very healthy lifestyle. However, what happens when he is tricked into drinking not just a sip or two of liquor, but an entire bottle, and that too in a repeat mode? Well, it is all recorded on camera and you get to see the after effects which are not just hilarious but also shocking.


We are talking about this situation which can be evidenced for his upcoming film Gold where he can be seen jumping around and creating nothing less than havoc and that too in an elite British club. The song in question is Chad Gayi Hai and Akshay is not just seen seen letting his hair down but also pulling his pants up.

Akshay Kumar gets drunk, creates havoc while crooning 'Chad Gayi Hai' in an elite club
Akshay Kumar Gets Drunk, Creates Havoc While Crooning Chad Gayi Hai In An Elite Club

Well, literally!


The promo of this Sachin-Jigar composed number is out and one can see Akshay drowning himself with one drink too many. The effect is instantaneous as soon enough Akshay gets into his characteristic boisterous avatar and occupying not just the floor but also the dinner tables. Even as the onlookers, who are made of class guests belonging to both England and India, are horrified to see what he is up to, Akshay is oblivious of what’s happening around him and just goes about declaring to one and all – Chad Gayi Hai.

He is also accompanied by his on-screen wife Mouni Roy who tries her best to pull him out of the madness on display. However, Akshay stays on to be relentless and while his dancing moves are energetic to the core, those occupying the room are only left wondering if the after effects of alcohol would only continue for long.

The good part about this Vishal Dadlani sung number is that it doesn’t lose pace even once and actually makes you want to hit the dance floor. Rest assured, this number written by Vayu is set to play at least up North in all the celebrations and fun events, hence turning out to be an instant chartbuster for the massy audiences.

As for the film, one looks forward to the Reema Kagti film release all over on 15th August.




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