Helicopter Eela has released and Kajol has found brownie points all over again for the emotional drama coupled with humour that she has brought on screen. As a mother of two, she could definitely relate to the narrative that director Pradeep Sarkar has designed for the film. Still, she does confess that there is a different variant of hers at home and even though there is Helicopter parenting with her children Nysa and Yash as well, it is more from her husband Ajay Devgn than her.

“Yes, definitely,” Kajol says after a heartening laugh, “I guess it has also to do with when kids were small, at that time I used to be more conscious. Today, Ajay is the helicopter and I am the drone. I am there for sure and am like dekho dekho dekho and jab chance mile toh shoot the missile.”

“Ajay is the helicopter, I am the drone” - Kajol on helicopter parenting with Nysa and Yug
“Ajay Is The Helicopter, I Am The Drone” : Kajol On Helicopter Parenting With Nysa & Yug

So who gets all firing eventually amongst the two kids when they are up for some mischief?

“Right now it is Yug because Nysa toh mere saath hai hi nahi, she is in Singapore. Par nahi, mere dono bachche bahaut achche hain, itne toh nahi pit-te. Sambhaal lete hain apne aap ko,” she says fondly.

Meanwhile, one waits to know what the two kids too think about the act put together by their mother in Helicopter Eela which is currently running in theatres.

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