The recent incident of molestation with Dangal actor Zaira Wasim made Aamir Khan raise his voice about sexual harassment, Harvey Weinstein scandal, problems faced by the female gender and how artists can help in changing the mindsets of people.

According to him, creative people can play an important role in changing the mindset of people on gender issues. In an interview with Indiatimes when asked about the Harvey Weinstein case he said, “I think sexual harassment is a very sad thing to happen to anyone, irrespective of what your sex is. Sexual harassment is just not on.”

In his view, such incidents not only happen just in the world of films but in other industries as well.“I understand that people are free to be romantically involved with whoever they want. But you cannot pressure a person into being with you physically. It happens not only in films but in all walks of life and is very unfortunate,” told PTI in an exclusive telephonic interview. Aamir is currently shooting for Thugs of Hindostan in Thailand

Aamir said sexual harassment is connected to a larger issue than it seems, of how gender roles have been defined in society.“It is connected to the larger issue. Not only in India but all over the world, (it is) this thinking of patriarchy that men are stronger or are more important that leads to various kind of things. Sexual harassment is one of them.”

The superstar also believes that artistes help mould opinion. “Creative people do have a role to play in showcasing men and women in a manner that influences people in the right way. I do believe we have some sort of responsibility in that.”

He ended the interview in hope to see a better change in the society soon. “I am hoping that things will change in the future for the better. It takes time both for the people and the society to change.”

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