Pooja Bhatt at an event
Pooja Bhatt at an event

Tweeted Pooja Bhatt on the social networking site, “Maybe someday we will portray gay people in Hindi films with the dignity they deserve. Tired of seeing them only used to evoke laughter.”


After Akshay Kumar, it is now the Bhatt lady who seems to be stuck in a casting controversy. Pooja Bhatt took to Twitter to clarify the incident. She tweeted, “A young lady & Bollywood hopeful arrived at my house at 5.30 AM saying a certain Rajeev Malhotra who claims to be my casting agent sent her. She went on to insist she also ‘spoke to me’ on FB & I confirmed the same.This is dangerous as obviously,someone is masquerading as me on FB!”

The actress let out further details when she divulged the phone number of the man in question. She continued, “No agent or coordinator represents me.This man claiming to be ‘Rajeev Malhotra-9667882304’is attempting to use my name & mislead young women. More than 50% of the co-ordinators out there have no access to people who actually launch stars.They lie to young aspirants & exploit them.”

Bhatt’s experience has given thrust to the constant cause of worry in the industry where casting impostors are common. Pooja Bhatt too signed off with a word of caution. She tweeted, ” It concerns me that innocents,with stars in their eyes will be taken advantage of by sharks who scour the shallow waters of fame for a kill.”

Akshay Kumar too faced a similar fiasco a few days back and ended up lashing out at his fans because someone had reportedly taken money from one of his fans in exchange of promise of getting him a job in Akshay’s Production house. With such incidents becoming fast rampant, the credibility of casting directors is becoming highly questionable at large.

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  1. She is lying, she must be a casting director and now denying it…..same wid Akshay Kumar….dn’t forget he had millions of gf b4 marrying Twinkle


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