Adhyayan Suman Admits Being In Depression: "A lot Of Negativity I Got, Not Because Of My Professional But My Personal Relationship"(Pic credit: Instagram/adhyayansuman)
Adhyayan Suman Admits Being In Depression: “A lot Of Negativity I Got, Not Because Of My Professional But My Personal Relationship”(Pic credit: Instagram/adhyayansuman)

Prakash Jha’s digital debut as a director Aashram is one of the most awaited shows on MX Player. The show stars big faces like Bobby Deol, Aaditi Pohankar, Darshan Kumaar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Anupriya Goenka, Adhyayan Suman and more and is all set to release on August 28.

Today, during the official press conference of the show, Adhyayan Suman opened about a dark chapter of his life. The actor admitted being in depression due to professional as well as personal reasons.



We are seeing Adhyayan Suman on screen after so long. When asked about his absence from the world of entertainment, the actor said, “I think the lack of good roles, the lack of good scripts, the lack of good directors in my career kept me away. I started with a very decent role with Raaz – The Mystery Continues with Mahesh Bhatt, which was a very successful film and a critically acclaimed film called Jashnn and so on. I did a couple of films that went unnoticed, and then I very quickly realized that unless you are a very successful star in this industry, people don’t usually want to associate or want to give you roles. I am very much honoured and glad that Prakash Ji gave me the role in Aashram.”

Adhyayan Suman also opened up about the difficult phase of his life. He said, “There came a point when I had sort of slipped into a mild depression, and I was of course very upset with things not going according to me. And it came to a point where I had so much energy; I didn’t know what to do. I know Prakash Ji’s daughter very well, and I went up to her and said, ‘listen, I want to meet Prakash Ji. He is making this show, and I just want to ask him if I can have a role in the show.’ And I will always be grateful that Prakash Ji gave me this role.”

But thankfully Adhyayan Suman has gotten himself out of that situation. The actor explained, “I think the most important thing in life is to never give up. Hope and faith are two important things that I have held on to in my life and even not getting disconnected from the people who love you, especially your parents and a few friends that you have in your life. Not everyone is your friend. You need to understand that.”

Adhyayan Suman revealed that he wasn’t facing depression only because of professional life. He opened up and said it was his personal relationships that also impacted him. The actor said, “With me, slipping into depression was not just due to my career; it was due to my personal life as well. A lot of negativity I got, not because of my professional but my personal relationship. It was very difficult for me to fight that. And especially in our industry where people have so many opinions, they just blindly pass judgments. And when you are very weak and vulnerable in your life, you start believing that you probably aren’t good enough. And that’s the reason why people aren’t giving you work. I have been through all that.”

Adhyayan Suman had assisted Prakash Jha in his teen years. He recalled, “I assisted Prakash Ji when I was 17 years old, I just came back from New York film academy after I had done my diploma in Direction. He was very kind enough to give me a job.”

To conclude, Adhyayan Suman said, “Mental awareness is very very important. You see people committing suicide. People who love you, you would have to keep them the closest because they are the ones who will help you to come out of it.”

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