After months of speculations, Aanand L Rai and Shah Rukh Khan finally released the name of their next. After getting names like Dwarf, Batla and so on, the film is finally titled Zero.

Recently, director Aanand L Rai spoke to Mumbai Mirror about Zero, Shah Rukh Khan and much more. During the interview, he was asked the reason behind the title Zero and why he chose December 21 to release the film.

Aanand L Rai On His Zero Actor: Even If You Cut Two Feet Away From Khan Saab, He’d Still Stand Tall
Aanand L Rai On His Zero Actor: Even If You Cut Two Feet Away From Khan Saab, He’d Still Stand Tall

Rai said, “I grew up in a simple, middle-class family without a car, air conditioner or five-star dinners, yet I was perfectly happy because happiness, as I’ve come to realise, is a state of mind. You can touch infinity even when you are zero, like Khan Saab’s (Shah Rukh Khan) character. December is a month when we celebrate life and what better time for a boy who celebrates that he is physically incomplete and in his incompleteness completes others as he travels from Meerut to New York. There is a beauty in incompleteness we are celebrating.”

Ask him about the reason of choosing Shah Rukh Khan for the film, he said that Zero has a wide reach and SRK will take it to the world. He said, “I needed a big star and even if you cut two feet away from Khan Saab, he’d still stand tall. Also, this story has a wide reach and he will take it to the world.”

When Aanand was asked if the VFX journey was tough for him since a lot of advance techniques have been used in the film. He said, “I’d use the word ‘enjoyable’ rather than ‘tough’ because he’s made it fun. Yes, it’s a VFX heavy film, but the effects are to tell a story and not just for impact.”

Further speaking about Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, Aanand said that he took these A-list actresses because they fit the characters. “I took Katrina and Anushka not because they are big names but because they fit the characters. I know people think I want to get into a different league but when they see the film they will realise it’s still about casting and not set-up. I may be on a new pitch, playing new shots, but I’m still true to my roots and original in my storytelling,” he added.

The Raanjhanaa director was also asked if Zero will be a game changer as he is known to deliver some amazing content. He said, “That’s a word I would like to hear from someone else, not from my own lips. But what I can promise is some takeaway, people will discuss it long after it’s over.”

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