Aamir Khan becomes nostalgic at the PK DVD launch. A lot of time and efforts had been put in by the makers of PK since the inception of the movie – right from the scripting to the editing stage.

At the DVD launch of the film, the deleted scenes were shown to media. When we asked Aamir whether that took him back to the time, he expressed, “I did become nostalgic, it’s been very long since we have seen these scenes. I did actually go back in time. The moment I saw these scenes today, I remembered the time when we were making the final cut of the movie and were discussing on which scenes should we keep and which we should not.”

Aamir Khan at PK DVD Launch
Aamir Khan at PK DVD Launch

He added further, “There is an internal struggle at that stage, when discussions happen; so that phase came to my mind. Because during that phase, there is a bit of tension, as at that time we don’t know whether the film will be accepted or not, will the audience like it or not. On our end we put an effort and try to do our best. So that phase, that time I remembered today while watching these scenes; and suddenly I realized now that the film is done good, so now that phase is gone and we can relax now.”

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