Aamir Khan Warns Public About Delhi BellyIt pays to be honest. Aamir Khan did it with Dhobi Ghat when he told audiences that this wasn’t a regular masala flick. No with Delhi Belly, AK has shot a special trailer, warning the public to expect four-letter words (in Hindi and English) in good measure in the film. The trailer begins with Aamir fore-warning the people about what they should expect from the film. He is soon interrupted by hero Imran Khan who asks the public not to pay much heed to uncle Aamir because the film speaks the language of the youth.

There are dime a dozen examples of honesty in promotion paying off in the form of handsome box-office returns. One may recall how Aditya Chopra had intentionally refrained from showing Aishwarya Rai in the pre release trailers of Mohabbatein only because she had a brief role in the film. He felt, the audience would be misled into believing that she would be seen throughout the film if he showed her in the trailers and, therefore, resisted the temptation. After all, Aishwarya was no small star! But it was Aditya Chopra’s honesty that prevailed over the temptation to cash on Aishwarya Rai’s popularity. And it doesn’t need to be reiterated that ‘Mohabbatein’ was a roaring hit.

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