Aamir Khan who is on a promotional spree for his upcoming release Secret Superstar staring the Dangal girl Zaira Wasim is all set to attend India v/s Australia T20 on 13 October ’17.


We all know that Aamir Khan is a big cricket fan and loves to watch the sport. In spite of his hectic schedule, the star tries to watch all the matches’.

In his recent shoot with Virat Kohli for a Diwali special TV show, Aamir received an Indian cricket team jersey from the cricketer.

Aamir Khan to promote Secret Superstar at India v/s Australia Match
Aamir Khan To Promote Secret Superstar At India V/S Australia Match

The star who is proud of the growing success of India in the past matches wants to extend his support to the men in Blue. The Khan superstar is excited to watch the India v/s Australia T20 match in Hyderabad on 13 Oct ’17.

When it comes to cricket, Aamir is a little superstitious. Aamir believes that his blue t-shirt has brought him luck many times. For the past few years, whenever he has worn this t-shirt while watching a match, the result has been favorable for Team India.

Will he be wearing the same t-shirt this time around?

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Aamir Khan will attend the match along with Zaira who is playing the lead role in Aamir Khan Production’s next production Secret Superstar.

Aamir who is playing a quirky music-composer in Secret Superstar will promote his film in the most awaited match at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.

The film is based on the life of a teenage girl who dreams to be a singer and fulfills her dream by keeping her identity a secret has received a lot of appreciation from the audience.

Produced by Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao under the banner name of Aamir Khan Productions, Zee Studios, and Akash Chawla, Secret Superstar is written and directed by Advait Chandan. The film is slated to release on October 19.




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