Aamir Khan is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Bollywood right now. Currently the actor is in Hong Kong promoting Secret Superstar, which is released there last week. There, the actor has revealed some details about his character from his upcoming film Thugs Of Hindostan (TOH).

In an interview with South China Morning Post, the actor said, “Thugs of Hindostan is a big action-adventure film. There’s no message in that.”

Drawing the difference between his characters from Thugs Of Hindostan and Dangal, the actor continues, “I’m playing a character who cannot be trusted at all [so it’s the] very opposite of Dangal … He’s a very slippery character. He has no scruples at all – for money he can sell his mother out. He’s like that.”

Aamir Khan On His Character From Thugs Of Hindostan
Aamir Khan On His Character From TOH: For Money He Can Sell His Mother Out

This is quite a surprising revelation from the actor, considering that he is known for making films that are not only entertaining but also socially relevant. The PK actor has even managed to make a name for himself on an International stage, especially in China, where his films have done immensely well in recent years.

Despite garnering worldwide acclaim for his films,he has always maintained the he doesn’t try to make his stories more universal than they are supposed to be. “I had never thought that I would have a world audience. In India we have such a large audience of our own [that] I had primarily been making films in India. Quite honestly, I can’t even say that I was making films for an Indian audience. Actually, I was making films for myself,” he says with a smile.

“These are stories that affect me. When I’m making them, I don’t know whether they will affect people, and I don’t know whether people will enjoy them. But I know that I enjoy them. That is why I’m doing these films,” he concludes.

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