Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan
Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan

Exclusive: Aamir Khan is in Bali, holidaying with wife Kiran. The actor-producer was a very happy man when he left for the holiday destination earlier last week because his faith in the script of Delhi Belly had been endorsed by the public.

The film, which was released on 1 July, has done extremely well for itself in spite of originally being in Hinglish. Aamir loves to take risks, and he took several this time. He made a film in English or, rather, Hinglish. Instead of the usual 2 hour-plus film, he made a 95-minute film. He used colourful language without thinking about how the censors would pass the film. But to his good fortune, not only did the CBFC okay every word in the bold and four-letter-laden dialogues but the saying public too gave the film a huge thumbs up. Aamir had maintained right from the beginning that his film was for the youth above 18 years of age and for the young at heart even if they were 50 or 60 years old. And the way the youth is patronising the movie, his judgement seems to be bang on! It goes without saying that

Aamir’s Well Deserved Break

Aamir will be taking a well-deserved break after a long time. The actor-producer has had hectic schedules over the past year. Between promoting and releasing Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly, Aamir also found time to shoot for Reema Kagti’s next film, in which he plays a police officer. The film is untitled as yet as Aamir is keen to call it Dhuan but that title is not available. Anyway, Aamir and Kiran are not going to worry about titles and the like. Probably, they can sit back quietly in their hotel room in Bali and recall the time when Kiran read the script of Delhi Belly and loved it. Aamir couldn’t resist the temptation to read the script right after her as he saw her rolling with laughter. The two back-to-back readings resulted in the couple cancelling their visit to a friend’s place. But that was years back.

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