Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, who has always wowed us as a performer with some variegated roles and interesting characters had put in some sensible brain storming when he decided to plunge in and take the director’s seat. His first venture, Taare Zameen Par was somewhat a rather unusual film, one that tugged at the hearts with its coy innocence, sheer brilliance and the immensely underlying pathos dealing a dyslexic child and his way to glory. The film even fetched him a National Award and definitely stamped upon the fact that Aamir Khan is a name to reckon with, even as a director.


After Taare Zameen Par, Aamir was too caught up with his films, be it 3 Idiots, Talaash or even Dhoom 3 and could not make out time to helm another project. But he and his brother Faisal Khan have worked a way out for it, rather silently. Faisal, who is his henchman and reads most of the scripts that reach out to the superstar has helped Aamir zero in on a script, which Aamir will be directing in the near future. Aamir has already bought the copyrights and is keen to make a film out of it as soon as he can. Now that he has his hands full with P.K, he clearly confirms that he won’t be making the film anytime in the coming few years, though.

The script, which he feels is ‘beautiful’, wont be made into a film anytime soon even after P.K. The actor, who as we said, goes through a lot of brain storming to put in the best detailing in his characters and background spaces, feels it takes almost two-three years for him to plan his directorial ventures and he is therefore in no mood, to lose out on those years right now. Hearing complains about him not doing too many films, Aamir wants to concentrate more on his acting credentials and feels his directorial can wait because there’s time to it.

Even if not anytime soon, having the news of Aamir helming a project yet again in the near future in itself is a happywala news and we are definitely looking forward for the same.

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