Aamir Khan’s DELHI BELLY: Old, Stale & A Big Hit!Like it must be rare for a film producer to do what Aamir Khan did – volunteer for an ‘A’ certificate for his film, Delhi Belly – it must also be quite unusual for a producer to keep his completed film in cold storage for more than two years and then release it – and, more importantly, make a success of it. But that’s exactly what happened with Delhi Belly. Its shooting got over in January 2009 but Aamir Khan, who sits on the editing of his films, had 3 Idiots on his plate, besides the post-production work of his two production ventures, Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat. Rather than rush with Delhi Belly, he preferred to put it on hold till he was done with 3 Idiots as an actor and with the other two films as a producer. Not once did Aamir fear that Delhi Belly would become stale in the intervening period, because he was supremely confident of its script which was why he went ahead with the project in spite of the dialogues being laden with cuss words. Any other producer in Aamir’s place would have also started thinking in terms of loss of interest on the locked investment but again, Aamir did not let that thought cross his mind even once.

Although not the best comparison, let it be told here that many years ago, Aamir Khan’s father, too, had released a stale film which went on to make money rather than bomb at the box-office. One is talking about Tahir Husain’s Jeetendra-Rekha starrer, Locket. It had made it to the screens after many months of remaining in the cans but the film surprised everyone when it clicked in spite of being a stale product.

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