After the first trailer of Delhi Belly, two more trailers of the youth film are ready and a look at them gives one the confidence that when it hits the screens on 1st July, it will take a very good start.

Aamir Khan: Delhi Belly Is An Adult Comedy With No Skin Show Or Sex
Aamir Khan, Delhi Belly Movie Poster

Basically, the Imran Khan starrer is an adult comedy but, as producer Aamir Khan hastens to add, “with no skin show or sex”. So what’s so adult about the fiilm that Aamir himself opted for an ‘A’ certificate? Well, the language which the characters speak is so colourful that under-18s should not watch it. Had Aamir wanted to take a ‘U’ certificate for the fiilm, all the four-letter words would have to go – and with that would’ve gone the very flavour of the film, explains Aamir. The producer recalls, “There were a hundred-odd scripts lying on my table, of which my wife, Kiran, randomly picked up the script of ‘Delhi Belly’ one day while she was waiting for me to finish my work before we went out. She couldn’t stop laughing, which prompted me to read it after she finished reading the entire script in 45 minutes. That we didn’t go out, as we were scheduled to, is a different matter altogether. Anyway, I also died laughing when I read it. I had never met the writers who had tried to meet me personally but, after failed attempts, had simply given their script to my maid for passing it on to me. Their number was on the first page of their bound script and I noticed, it was a telephone number of Los Angeles. I telephoned them right then to tell them, I’d like to meet them. The two writers had just reached LA from India. They boarded the very next flight to India and we met….” The rest, as they say, is history. And history is what Aamir hopes Abhinay Deo’s directorial venture will create at the box-office. ‘Delhi Belly’ is actually the first film directed by Abhinay Deo, son of veteran actors Ramesh and Seema Deo. It is after he completed Delhi Belly that Abhinay shot Game which became his first release. Explains Aamir, “The delay in the release of ‘Delhi Belly’ is because of me. I can work on only one film at a time and, quite unfortunately, three films of Aamir Khan Productions, were ready around the same time. So I worked on Peepli Live first, released it, then went on to Dhobi Ghat, released that, and only then picked up ‘Delhi Belly’.”



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