Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif & Anushka Sharma’s Zero has generated alot of buzz and pre-release hype. An Aanand L. Rai directorial, the film has a stellar leading cast and a highly unique protagonist, all of whom come together to build excitement among fans, the likes of which we’ve seldom seen before.


As Zero finally released at the theatres yesterday, we got to see what the hype was all about. Here’s why we fell in love with Bauua Singh along with his universe:

6 reasons Zero is the must-watch film of 2018
6 Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero Is A Must-Watch Film Of 2018

1. Shah Rukh Khan’s flawless portrayal of Bauua Singh

We were wondering how Bollywood’s king of romance would pull off a Meerutiya dwarf. However, seeing him in this lovable new personality that perfectly mixes naughty with nice is a magical treat we couldn’t have imagined! The accent, the expressions, the vocabulary, and the chemistry – all had us floored from the very first scene!

2. Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma both deliver experimental performances flawlessly

Well, it’s not every day that you see two of India’s most beautiful actresses sharing the silver screen in polarised roles.

Anushka Sharma’s performance as Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder, a brilliant, wheelchair-bound scientist, is a bold new step that she has taken with grace, aplomb, and that trademark quirky freshness that she brings oh-so-well to the table.

Katrina Kaif has slayed in her role of Babita Kumari. Her depiction of a Bollywood starlet battling with personal issues is eye-opening. We’re not afraid to say that this is hands down her best performance ever!

3. The background score as well as the songs 

When it comes to an epic saga like Zero, the powerful acting performances need to be properly backed by an audio experience that drives home the emotion of drama. Issaqbaazi, Mere Naam Tu, and Heer Badnaam feature at perfectly placed milestones in the plot, with the first one cleverly working in some seamless dance cameos too!


Songs apart, the background score hits highs and lows that left us wide-eyed with awe, and teary-eyed with emotion, right where Aanand L. Rai wants it!

4. The story graph takes you from the streets of Meerut to the scale of USA

If you’re unaware of the vibrant little town of Meerut located in Uttar Pradesh, you are certainly in for a treat. Zero’s dynamic storyline plunges you deep into the congested streets of Meerut, before taking you to the gorgeous, pristine urban landscapes of USA.

The Meerutiya lifestyle, the locals, and the culture that their world thrives on, is captured beautifully.

5. Bauua’s magical universe – literally!

Few Bollywood movies can boast being truly all-round entertainers, and Zero sets a wonderful new benchmark in this regard. Protagonist Bauua Singh builds as much intrigue as excitement, with not just his character, but also what seem to be supernatural talents. This is a never-before-seen Aanand L. Rai universe in which the hero can interact with the sky, charm any woman he meets with his personality, and there’s a chimpanzee! This love story occurs in a Disney-esque setting, with imaginative possibilities that build up to a phenomenal conclusion.

6. Aanand L. Rai’s best movie yet

Over the last decade, we’ve had our ribs tickled and our heartstrings plucked watching Aanand L. Rai’s romantic comedies. He brings the same charismatic approach to Zero, through a seamless flow of comedy, drama and romance, bound together by Himanshu Sharma’s tight script. He has intricately woven a variety of unique characters with compelling situations in breath-taking locations to create the magnificent world of Zero. .

Zero comes together through three spectacular elements: seasoned talent, boundless imagination, and an unconditional love for Bollywood and its fans. The best part about it is that we are all invited!

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  1. Stop promoting bad movies and degrading good movies
    I watched both Zero and KGF
    The first half has good comedy but second half is totally dull and doesn’t live up the first half.
    First half the dialogues of Bouaa was awesome. Ayubb deserves an award for best supporting actor.
    Everyone gave their best just the story line didn’t live up to the characters. It was somewhat a predicted movie that SRK will go to space (Mars) for love sake
    (Katrina’s break up with Kapoors is also mentioned)

    While the KGF is very gripping and keeps you pumped for Next part of KGF

    But some may find very hard to watch KGF due to violence which at times real
    Few may get emotional looking at the human torturing in form of human slaves.
    But the story and dialogues are fantastic especially the BGM.
    Gali gali song worked out very fine, Rocky’s dance did suit the character. Aerial shots were mind blowing.

    The climax scene of Kali Puja will blow your mind
    The mother’s character was very very good.

    It’s high time we appreciate good movies irrespective of their language and regions.

    But Koimoi just because you are paid for this, doesn’t mean you have to fool the audience.

    Better go for KGF

    • Dislike all you want but truth hurts that Zero is a bad movie
      And Anand L Rai’s best movie was Ranjhaana then Tanu Weds Manu (both)

      Common koimoi review as a neural fan and not as a typical fan boy

      Accept the truth also that KGF is a good movie

      Just because Zero is bad that doesn’t mean you have to write bad about KGF


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