Dialogues like ‘Jab ye Dhai kilo ka haath padta hai na, to aadmi uthata nahi hai uth jata hai’ have made the audiences whistle and clap. We love drama and emotions and when it comes to Bollywood, the expression is always on a higher decibel.

But whenever we have a dramatic scene that too ending with a slap, it resonates the entire cinema house. So let’s see the different kinds of slaps that have entertained us over the times.

The ‘Baap Ke Gussewala’ Slap

Well this is one legendary scene imprinted in our minds. The film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge‘ has a special place in our hearts and the climax scene with this slap resonated in the hearts of audiences.

The ‘Dosti Todnewaali’ Slap

The film’Dil Chahta Hai‘ that changed the era of film making, one of a kind and still youth’s favorite, too had a slap scene that changed the relationship of friends. It came in the movie when the audiences were not expecting a high end drama.

The ‘Masti Mein Seriouswaali’ Slap

The accidental slap of the film changed the course of the lives of two lovers. Just a moment of reaction and the lives went separate ways for both. This one definitely is one of the scenes among many from the film which we can never forget.

The ‘Izzat Ko Bachanewaali’ Slap

That is how it ends. The built up drama during the entire song ended with the bang. The slap concluded everything and gave way for the story to proceed further.

The ‘Puraana Hisaab Clear Karnewaali’ Slap 

The film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara‘ slap just made the film interesting further.

The ‘Jaan Bachanewali’ Slap

‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’. The slap of Khakee was such that everyone felt it in their hearts. It generated the emotion so strong that worked for the characters and film as well.

The ‘Policewaali’ Powerful Slap!

The slap from Raajneeti was an example to show who is the boss here. Though the entire scene and the parts of the film were inspired from the legendary Hollywood film ‘Godfather’, you still cannot take away the credit. This was a well designed and well written film which was appreciated by the audience to the fullest.

The Typical ‘Papawaali’ Slap

Sometimes the expressions are totally opposite but mean the same thing. The slap from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham showed the love of father and how much he misses his son. Unable to express otherwise sometimes howsoever hard you try, feelings find a way to express themselves.

The ‘Jhoot Pakda Gaya’ Slap

The heartbreaking slap from the one you love. Well we all knew what was coming in the scene but the build up from the song was tremendous. Still the climax and the bang broke our hearts. Well we must say Rajkumar Hirani knows what to do, when and how.

The ‘Frustrationwaali’ Slap

Nobody could have imagined that munna bhai could give it to circuit like that. With their relationship so beautiful and ‘ye dosti hum nahi tondenge’ type, the speed breaker definitely broke the hearts of the audiences. But that was necessary for the film to show the sweet ending of the scene as well.

The ‘Reality Mein Laanewali’ Slap

This ‘come back to senses’ slap was bloody awesome. The slap comes almost in the end towards the climax and with the fun element in it. We had a nice laugh and the slap stayed with us as one of the scenes one will remember from the film.

The ‘Pyaar Ke Liye Kuch Bhi’ Slap

The not a big surprise slap from the film Love Aaj Kal. What do you expect from the family if they come to know that a boy is in love with their daughter? This was the most expected scene but the intensity and designing made it to the list of memorable slaps for us.

The ‘Pyaar Mein Paagalwaali’ Slap

Well this one had a different pun to it. The slap for the name falls under many categories, there was comic element to it, romance and much more. Each and every guy who has tried to impress a girl ever, felt like home.

The ‘Gusse Pe No Controlwaali’ Slap

What could be more devastating if you slap the father of the girl you want to propose to or like? The film progressed taking the audiences further on a hilarious trip for the bad lucks one can have. But the start and then this slap is something we all will remember.

The ‘Slap-a-thonwaali’ Slaps!

This is the signature style of a Sajid Khan Film. Well at times even if the scene doesn’t make much sense, it still clicks and this one did because of the timings.

The ‘Never Endingwaali’ Slaps

Guys would never like to have such a girlfriend who gives it right back to you every now and then. The slap from the film was funny and entertaining. It gave away different flavors for the relationship and the youth enjoyed it the most.

The ‘Bandar Ke Hathonwaali’ Slap

This one breaks all records. The hilarious scene between Akshay and the monkey gave the audiences a burst of laughter which didn’t stop.

The ‘Battameezi’ Slap

This is also one of the best slaps when it comes to dealing with misbehaviour. The power with which Parineeti Chopra slaps Arjun Kapoor completely builds their love-hate relation in the film.

The Public ‘Tharkigiri’ Slap

When a random stranger gives you weird naughty ‘isharaas’, you know what to do! This slap from Heyy Baby is that.

The ‘Baap Ko Maarnewaali’ Unbelievable Slap

This is one of the most impossible instances that Bollywood has shown. In Holiday Sonakshi Sinha slaps her father. Well, no words for this one!

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