"12th Fail's Vidhu Vinod Chopra Should Be Like My Boss Karan Johar, Don't Be A D*ck... Acknowledge Your Writers": Dharma's Creative Head
“12th Fail’s Vidhu Vinod Chopra Should Be Like My Boss Karan Johar, Don’t Be A D*ck… Acknowledge Your Writers”: Dharma’s Creative Head(Photo Credit –Instagram/IMDb/Dharma Productions)

Credit! This word has multiple meanings, but many in Bollywood understand only one, which is unrelated to giving credit where it’s due. That has been a complaint of many, and they’ve called influential people out. Today, it’s Dharma’s Creative Head, Somen Mishra (probably), calling out 12th Fail’s director, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, for not giving credit to his writers.

Vikrant Massey became the star of the season as his performance in VVC’s film was hailed by one and all. We even reported how, in its 5th week, how the film was able to beat Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 to sell more tickets in the span of 24 hours.

The film’s tremendous box office success led to the media swarming to take the interviews of people related to it. The big fish in the pond, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, also had conversations with a couple of them. That seems to have ruffled someone’s feathers.

Somen Mishra recently shared the video of Rohit Shetty introducing his Junior writers at the trailer launch event of his show Indian Police Force with a long quote about how writers aren’t getting proper dues in Bollywood.

“Be like Rohit Shetty… My boss KJo…” 

He wrote, “Be like Rohit Shetty. Be like my boss, KJ. Always acknowledge your writers. Stop hogging all credits. Some directors have a terrible habit of forgetting their writers. Don’t be a d**k. A film that was released on OTT recently and is getting a lot of love; nobody knows who has written it or the book on which it is based. Because the director remembers only him doing everything in all his interviews.”

12th Fail, adapted from a book! 

He, of course, didn’t name 12th Fail and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, but it’s too easy to connect the dots to reach that conclusion. Users on Reddit did the same while addressing the issue. 12th Fail also has a co-writer in Jaskunwar Kohli & it’s adapted from a book with the same name. Allegedly, these guys aren’t given proper credit, which Somen points out through his loud and clear message.

This also wasn’t hard to decode after he openly called out VVC on X (earlier Twitter) a few days ago, saying, “As much as we all are praising 12th Fail+VVC, I hope he realizes he is too chindi with credits, especially writing and editing. Need to stop hogging all credits. Has done in the past too. Acchi film banayee, director hai, that’s enough. You become bigger by giving the right credits.”

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