A.R Murugadoss is known for slick films but Holiday despite its sleekness doesn’t exactly reek of intelligence. The film might do great at the box office, but it shouldn’t deter us from taking pot shots at the film’s lame bits.


Koimoi presents you a quirky piece about the 10 things that one will learn from Holiday. Here we go:

1. If Your Friend Is In Police Force, Every Holiday Expect To Get Demoted Out Of The Blue To The Police Force

2. Women Who Become Boxers Can Even Slap Their Dads

3. The Police Force Is So Incompetent That An Army Man Can Easily Kidnap A Terrorist From Their Custody Without Them Realizing It

4. The Best Place To Hide Terrorists Is In Your Wardrobe

5. And The Best Place To Hide Your Girlfriend Is The Adjoining Wardrobe. Coz They Both Can’t Fit In The Same Space.

6. Every Army Guy Has A Giant Tool Box In Which He Carries Weapons To Chop Down Fingers. The ‘Soldier’ Connection You Know!

7. College Hotties Must Never Marry Baldies. It’s A Shame And As Bad As A National Calamity

8. C.I.D Is Always An Inspiration To Army Guys, Who Are Never Off Duty. They Throw Dialogues Like, “Arey Yeh Toh Gun Hai”

9. Terrorists Are Referred To As Sleeper Cells. And Never Terrorists. So, When Inactive They Are Called Coma Cells? Sorry! Bad One.

10. You Don’t Need An Orthopedist If Your Bones Break. Human Bones Rejoin If You Twist And Crack Them. Almost Like Chitti!

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