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Music Director: Ram Sampath

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It is hard to not think of Student Of The Year while going through the trailer of Purani Jeans. Same goes for the album. Set in a mushy love story and nostalgia around youth, the album roams across romance, experimental folk and a bit of blues. We’ll give it to Ram Sampath for not absolutely disappointing at what he does best.

Tanuj Virwani and Aditya Seal in a still from movie ‘Purani Jeans’
Tanuj Virwani and Aditya Seal in a still from movie ‘Purani Jeans’

Dil Aaj Kal – Purani Jeans Music Review

The music initially is traditional Bollywood. But it’s been balanced by K.K’s voice and a bit with lyrics by Prashant Ingole. Problem is, a minute into the song and you might start wondering whether there is at all anything, apart from being soothing, about the number that might help you to stick till the end. The acoustic version has been sung by Sona Mohapatra and is any day better than the original version.

Yaari Yaari – Purani Jeans Music Review

The song redefines the title “Purani Jeans”. Sampath experiments with country and it does work. Ashish Pandit does nothing outstanding at lyrics but one can’t help feeling the love and if it is about being coy and cute, the song works.

Out Of Control Mundey – Purani Jeans Music Review

The song brings an instant energy in to you and with that enthusiasm Mika, Suzane and Deane, all together, have done a fine job. The song is an ideal one to party it out. However, tried and tested Bollywood comes to play again, the same old of having a version of all genres in an album. There is nothing, nothing at all, to praise as far as lyrics are concerned. Kunwar Juneja produces just another trying-to-hard-to-make-you-party track.

Yeh Beetey Din (rock and acoustic version ) – Purani Jeans Music Review

Munna Dhiman at lyrics tries to capture that morphine we always go back to in nostalgia. And let us say, it works. The rock version is loud but far from irritating. To stretch it a bit far, it could be the most likeable track in the album. It does tend to remind one of the track Purani Jeans by Ali Haider not on plagiarism, just for the essence. For ones into acoustic, you might find the version a little less innovative but that can be ignored.

Jind Meriye – Purani Jeans Music Review

Navraj Hans deserves special mention. We love the instrumental folk and the regional vocabulary. Both Hans and Sampath at vocals add a touch of earth to the number. Munna Dhiman, at lyrics, foes all well except that one might wonder, was there any need to fuse in the English? If anything it took away the effortless sanctity of the number.

The Last Word – Purani Jeans Music Review

You could listen to this album a few times. May be numbers like Yeh Beetey Din and Jind Meriye won’t be lost in the sea of music that is being churned out by the Indian Hindi Film Industry daily. One complain remains, why would a composer like Sampath who entered the industry riding high on creativity play so safe with an album where he is the sole composer?

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