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Music Director: G J Singh

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O Teri is a high-energy amalgamation of techno trance, rap and of course progress experimental Bollywood. No special recommendations for lyrics or any particular number as there is really not much to experience as far as the whole album is concerned. As the movie promos seem, the album too is a nice one for light – hearted club nights. If you are thinking it has to offer something outstanding as G J Singh’s come back work after RSVP, we suggest, think again.

Bilal Amrohi and Pulkit Samrat in a still from movie 'O Teri'
Bilal Amrohi and Pulkit Samrat in a still from movie ‘O Teri’

Butt Patlo – O Teri Music Review

Listen to any song from the well – taken remixes that came up in the very early 2000s, and some of today’s Honey Singh, and you know how this track has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of innovations. Rap and techno trance make for a good dance, but even if that statement rhymes, this song does not compliment the album; neither does it add value to it. Jaspreet Jasz and Roshni Baptist at vocals have no magic to work on keeping in mind poor lyrics, credits for that would go to Kumaar.

Akhan Vich – O Teri Music Review

Hinglish seems to be the keyword for this album. This is a 3 minutes 29 seconds long peppy number and could actually be one of those songs that will find a little space in your playlist as far as this album is concerned. Experimental pop weds Bollywood and though absolutely stereotypical, this is one fun song. With a lot of voice modifiers at work, you actually don’t know what the real voices are like; credits on vocals are to be given to G J Singh and Jaspreet Jasz. Neeti Mohan sang for the female lead.

Ummbakkum – O Teri Music Review

Mika and his list of repetitions continue. Another ‘boy woos girl’ number added to the heap that already exists and absolutely fails to impress. Street – rap genre follows but seems like nobody really makes use of it as lyrics take an even lower swing. After a while the listener wonders why you would spend minutes over such a number. Jaspreet Jasz and Lulia Vantur have added their voice alongside Mika Singh to this number.

Phollo Karta – O Teri Music Review

Manish J Tipu, alongside Jasz and Mika Singh, has lent his voice to this track. It’s a tad bit satirical as far as lyrics are concerned. It is a local vernacular rap with Hinglish linings and does not really feature as either a number for the disc or otherwise. As for whether it can be enjoyed, may be a single listen is all that one can give it.

The Last Word – O Teri Music Review

This is a plethora of meaningless lines put together with acceptable foot – tapping music. Talking about the overall composition, just one thing comes to mind, R.I.P. creativity. This is definitely not one of the albums that you could remember after a week or two except for, may be, Saturday nights. Look out for several versions of these numbers across the web featuring various DJs.

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