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O Teri
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Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Sarah Jane Dias, Salman Khan (Cameo), Bilal Amrohi, Anupam Kher, Mandira Bedi, Vijay Raaz, Manoj Pahwa

Director: Umesh Bist

Producer/s: Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Agnihotri

Plot: This is the story of how the exploits of an amorous buffalo led to the unearthing of the biggest scam this country has ever seen.

They say Fortune always favors the brave. Well, then they are obviously talking out of their hat. For it sometimes also accidentally shines on the hugely reticent and plain bumbling lucky.

o teri Review
O Teri Movie Poster
O Teri Movie Poster

Rating: 0.5/5 Stars (Half star)

Star cast: Pulkit Samrat, Sarah Jane Dias, Bilal Amrohi

Director: Umesh Bist

What’s Good: Salman Khan’s killer smile that makes you forget the pains of this ridiculous film.

What’s Bad: Everything else.

Loo break: Too many.

Watch or Not?: O Teri is a sheer waste of time. Beaded with abrupt song sequences, zero screenplay and Bilal Amrohi’s horrifying acting, this film molests the essence of the classic Jane Bhi Do Yaaron by adapting it so shamelessly. The budding Woodward and Bernstein in question here are a total waste which is enough reason why you shouldn’t even consider wasting your weekend over this film which isn’t any better than crass.

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PP and AIDS are roommates and work for a television channel as journalists. The topsy turvy route of their job they hope will make them successful one day. But when the channel head Monsoon (Sarah Jane Dias) fires both of them for being unable to get a worthwhile story, they stumble upon a scam that if unleashed will change their lives and nation’s forever.

A CBI officer was murdered and these two rogues find the dead body that everyone is looking for. Will they get the story that will give them a passport to fame or the powerful men will crush them into oblivion.

Bilal Amrohi and Pulkit Samrat in a still from movie 'O Teri'
Bilal Amrohi and Pulkit Samrat in a still from movie ‘O Teri’

O Teri Review: Script Analysis

I feel that I am investing more in understanding the film than the script writers had in writing the film. The story of two journalists, who are looking for a big scoop to launch them, is frankly lame. Probably that was the intention because irreverent humor is the norm of the day. But what miffed me was the reuse of Jane Bhi Do Yaaron in a film that is far beneath the mark.

A CBI officer is killed by the powerful Chairman Khawaja and everything goes haywire when the dead body lands up in the car of these two budding journalists who are under a lot of pressure to find a scam to report in order to save their jobs. While the usage of Adrak Ganesh is quite funny, the script pops in too many of such moments killing the amusing feel of it.

The Web of political incoherence is interesting but it failed to come on paper. The script lacks massively in the detailing department that is a pre-requisite factor for films of political crux. Had they got in more elements of the Commonwealth games and the subsequent scam rather than borrowing without credits, a film of Jane Bhi Do Yaaron’s stature, would have worked better. The hilt points are missed as the characters of Khawaja and Kilor are both kept as caricatures merely without adding shades.

If you want to understand how to add newer hues to a book of this flavor, try reading contemporary Indian literature for reference. Grab a copy of Shobha De’s ‘Sethji’. It is one of her most modest works so far and lightyears ahead in terms of understanding the skin and psyche of people in power. The motives behind the functioning of characters was absolutely sketchy and hence it was impossible for the story to rise at any point given the flimsy script.

O Teri Review: Star Performances

Pulkit Samrat is good. The guy still had some mettle but we are yet to see his full potential in a role that will be memorable.

Bilal Amrohi must however consider a change of vocation. This isn’t his right place. Over dramatic, loud and full of melodrama, his work was juvenile. Though people say debut work is excusable but the first impression does matter and in his case it isn’t very praiseworthy, to say the least.

Rest of the ensemble cast barely manage to get on screen.Sarah Jane Dias should have had a heftier role. Mandira Bedi has the icy look from ‘Shanti’ but the scheming tinge to it was good. Anupam Kher was wasted.

Vijay Raaz was good but he seems to be stuck in his Dedh Ishqiya mode still which is perturbing as the trend may get him typecast henceforth.

O Teri Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Let’s begin with the best part, the editing. The film could have been much more painful but luckily it doesn’t drag for too long and finishes itself in less than 2 hours. And that is the only favor the film does on you.

Umesh Bisht had done a shabby job at direction. Not only are the sequences abrupt and disjointed, it is evident that this is a juvenile’s attempt at filmmaking. Scam is overused and probably lesser understood by him. PP’s buffalo and home connect was dumb and finally the climax is far from reality and hard to digest.

O Teri Review: The Last Word

O Teri is a film that must come with a statutory warning that reads in bold must avoid. It has not one inspired moment or manage to evoke a single spirited laugh. I can’t find one single reason to recommend you the film and put you through the turmoil I was faced with but if you must harass yourself with it, do laugh at the spiderman stunts and the flying men. It’s high time people realize some things just suit Salman Khan alone. Since O Teri didn’t, I am going with 0.5 for this ridiculous film.

O Teri Trailer

O Teri releases on 28th March, 2014.

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