Star rating: 2.5/5 (Two and half stars)

Music Director: Mithoon, Laxmikant Kudalkar, Pyarelal, Arko and Rashid Khan


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An album with the works of mixed artists, one expects melodies but what you get is half-baked album. The Hate Story 2 soundtrack turns out highly disappointing thanks to the inclusion of remixes of all its songs. It gives more of a late 90s feel. Let’s have a look at the music review of all songs of this album.

Surveen Chawla in a still from movie ‘Hate Story 2′
Surveen Chawla in a still from movie ‘Hate Story 2′

Aaj Phir – Hate Story 2 Music Review

The romantic melody ‘Aaj Phir‘ is a rendition that is spell binding, be it the original track from the 1988 film Dayavan or this revamped version. The inclusion of Guitar as the base instrument in this song works best for it. Giving it a contemporary feel, the vocals by Arijit Singh and Samira Koppikar blend well with the music. Although the old version composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal was more experimental and consisted a use of different instruments such as flute in it, the new version, nonetheless, is here to stay and is a good hear as a slow-paced number.

Kabhi Aayine Pe Likha Tujhe – Hate Story 2 Music Review

When you listen to a track that has been sung by K.K, there is ultimately an heightened expectation from it. The singer is known to be an expert when it comes to singing the mellow songs. This Hate Story 2 track ‘Kabhi Aayine Pe is disappointing as the lyrics fail to move you. The music seems repetitive and the chorus turns out to be disturbing for the number. The only saving grace in the song is a guitar piece that comes towards the end.

Pink Lips – Hate Story 2 Music Review

After Sunny Leone’s hit track ‘Baby Doll‘, this is another number from the same composers although it does not come close enough. This one is one of the bubblegum pop genres. The peppy and upbeat number has nothing to offer other than hammer into your head ‘Pink Lips’ which is repeated every now and then. Overall, the Meet Bros disappoint you with this track.

Hai Dil Ye Mera – Hate Story 2 Music Review

This one is a typical Mithoon composition which defines the pensive side of music. It has nothing that is unheard and sadly it relies on Arijit Singh to elevate the song. A shoddy job by the composer, Mithoon seems to have hit the wall as majority of his tracks now sound the same. If I were to close my eyes and hear this song, I would find myself in a Mohit Suri film.

Aaj Phir Remix – Hate Story 2 Music Review

A completely unnecessary track in the album, Aaj Phir is remixed for the second time. Sadly, a remix does not work by putting a few dance beats in the background of a slow number. This remix takes international inspiration and puts together the beats of the two most famous tracks, one being the Black Eyed Peas ‘Bebot’ which is used in the background and the other being an Usher song tune. I honestly lost the will to listen to this song after its first verse itself.

Pink Lips Remix – Hate Story 2 Music Review

Surprisingly the remix for this song sounds much better than the original. This is a good mix of bubblegum pop and techno. Also the highlight of the remix is when Kushboo Grewal’s voice comes out in a much better manner. The remix is much more foot tapping and can even trend for a while at clubs and lounges.

Hai Dil Ye Mera Remix – Hate Story 2 Music Review

I fail to understand why the song needed a remix in the first place. Addition of some EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in the song does not help in anyway. In fact, the soulful voice of Arijt Singh is also lost in this one. Going by the David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia trend, this techno is an inspiration from the same bands but a highly dispiriting.

Kabhi Aayine Pe Likha Tujhe Remix – Hate Story 2 Music Review

Another remix, Kabhi Aayine Pe Likha Tujhe is nothing but noise. The song is chaotic and disturbing to listen to, thanks to its substandard transitions. Sadly, this remix is a waste as it is impossible for anyone to even dance on it at a club as the lyrics will put you down considering its not a ‘happy’ number per say. The purpose of this remix is completely lost.

The Last Word – Hate Story 2 Music Review

The Hate Story 2 album is a highly repetitive soundtrack and lacks novelty. It is an overstretched album that could have been wrapped up in 5 songs at its best but it hits you with an eight track album that has remixes which are unnecessary and fail to help the album in anyway. ‘Aaj Phir’ is the only track that will give recognition to this album. With a passable job done by all the composers with this album, I am going with a 2.5/5.

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