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Dangerous Ishhq (with an extra ‘h’) is being projected as Karisma Kapoor‘s comeback film with a strong female categorization. The music album definitely scores on this account and gives ample opportunity to female singers in adding to the above fact.

Karisma Kapoor In Dangerous Ishhq Movie Poster
Karisma Kapoor In Dangerous Ishhq Movie Poster

There are 11 songs in the album, six of them being original and another five being an extension as remixes and reprise in trademark Himesh Reshammiya style. With lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed, each of these has Himesh’s trademark ability to twist the song and make something new out of it with the beats. Now these are definite tracks for the common man who would appreciate the liveliness in the everyday mundane life.

Tu Hi Rab Tu Hi Dua: Dangerous Ishhq Music Review

The album opens with a Tu hi rab Tu hi dua which will definitely score on popularity charts. The song starts with a very different expectation; however as it progresses it catches up with the listener. Lyrics and music do justice to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice. Tulsi Kumar is the female voice (which is very distinct) and is able to match with Rahat’s vocals. However one can’t be too sure whether this would fit Karisma’s personality. All in all, a song which would grow on the listener.

Naina Re: Dangerous Ishhq Music Review

Naina Re is the song that proves Himesh’s clout as a music director with a modern sensibility. This song is a treat to the ears and gives a platform to singers so that they can showcase their talent. It has a classical touch with great lyrics which takes you into a different era. One of Shreya Ghoshal’s and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s best with an inclusion of Himesh as a surprise package himself. Sameer’s lyrics only accentuate the overall appeal of the song.

Ishq Mein Ruswa: Dangerous Ishhq Music Review

Ishq mein Ruswa is the song which can be categorized as an experiment by Himesh in the album. There are two versions of the song. Anweshaa’s voice and the mix of traditional instruments with a modern beat give it a unique and different flavour in the ‘remixed’ version. Also, what is notable is that in the original version, Anwesha’s voice reminds one of the Runa Laila era where her unusual voice used to carry forward the song and leave a mark on listener’s mind. Lyrics are an added bonus in the song and help in adding to the flavor of the song.

Umeed: Dangerous Ishhq Music Review

The album moves forward with another twist in the form of Umeed. For all Himesh fans, this is a flashback to his earlier popular tracks with fresh voices like Amrita Kak and Sahab Sabri. Music is the highlight of the song and would definitely be played in teen/youth parties (just like his earlier tracks). Moreover its foot tapping appeal brings in a repeat value as well.

Lagan Lagi: Dangerous Ishhq Music Review

Next in the album is Lagan Lagi. The song represents a different mood as the beats take you to a devotional song with a modern touch. Shreya Ghosal definitely is a good choice here and sweetness in her voice is able to portray the essence of the song.

Dangerous Ishhq Music Review: The Final Word

In all, a wonderful album with some good and different tracks, hence coming across as a package that will definitely be appreciated by the masses. It also shows Himesh as music director who encourages new talent and gives them an opportunity. Another golden feather in his overcrowded cap.

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