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Music Director: Raghu Dixit

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Bewakoofiyaan is one of those classic dilemmas where you don’t know what went wrong with the album, Anvita Dutta at lyrics or Raghu Dixit at music. However, something definitely does not add up, which creates a funny album that you might want to forget soon, save a few numbers that actually strike a chord. A waste of beautiful voices too at places, this album, as far as deserving goes, does not deserve more than a single listening to it. Even Habib Faisal’s touch could not be the savior to this sinking ship.

Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor in a still from movie 'Bewakoofiyaan'
Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor in a still from movie ‘Bewakoofiyaan’

Gulcharrey – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

The acoustics immediately mark its peppy mood. Aditi Singh Sharma and Benny Dayal have lent their voices to this number. One could say this is the signature song of the album as far as its spirits are concerned. Whether it has any outstanding quality to it is quite debatable and only the audience stands to decide.

Khamakhaan – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

It is one of those numbers that one will either love or hate for its lyrics. But as a karaoke number, this is one song for the clubs to bank on. Its experimental genre leans more towards typical Bollywood than anything else except that vocals have been given an upper hand instead of being completely drowned away by the music. Lyrics are by Habib Faisal for this number. Well that way it might be a little bit of a disappointment knowing Faisal’s work has been far great in the past. Neeti Mohan and Ayushmann Khurrana have lent their voices to this song.

Bewakoofiyaan – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

We love the freshness of the guitar, the voice and to some extent even the lyrics. Being the title track, it stands out from the rest of the numbers in the album and refreshingly so. However, it is hard to put it up for any genre as such. Progressive experimental instrumentation and a casually uplifting lyrics make for a good hear and it might be the song that finds a place in your weekend play list. Raghu Dixit lends his voice to this nearly 4 and a half minutes track.

Rumaani Sa – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal come together for this romantic number but well, fail to impress. Ideally speaking it has both Ghoshal and Chauhan fitting into stereotypically Bollywood music, lyrics and an unnecessary chorus that helps to nothing but ruin the song. We might even go the extent of saying it is a waste of bits of good strumming, Mohit Chauhan, and for that matter, Ghoshal too.

Aye Jigida – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

Vishal Dadlani, frolicking lyrics and even the music could have made for a really nice number. But the, yet again, unnecessary chorus ruins the number and after a while it is only somebody yelling beside some flowing music. It wouldn’t be quite correct to term it progressive rock by genre, all we can say is this is one high energy track that falls short of that catchy factor that helps numbers stay in playlists. Also, it wouldn’t be a good one for clubbing either as dance isn’t much of an option for missing any predominant instrumental beat.

Oh Heeriye – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

Signature Ayushmann Khurrana number. For that matter, the vernacular (Punjabi, in this case) lyrics add a bit of pepper and salt and this love song churns out well. But keeping in mind how Khurrana’s made it a point to sing such numbers at least once in all his movies, almost, it is a bit repetitive. Then again, his fans will find a treat in it. This is classic country weds Bollywood, as far as genre is concerned.

The Last Word – Bewakoofiyaan Music Review

Numbers like Oh Heeriye and the title track might suit more than a couple of hearings, but for the rest, this is not really an album that you could remember half a year later. Whether it is a waste of resources like Chauhan and others is for the listeners to vote on.

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