The very petite and extremely beautiful Diana Penty started off as a supermodel before she entered Bollywood with Cocktail. The film, not only proved to be a smash hit but also gave Bollywood one of its natural heroines. Diana Penty will now be seen in the hard hitting Lucknow Central, which releases soon.


Satish Sundaresan of KoiMoi met up with the actress Diana Penty for an interview. Here are the excerpts:

Diana, you have been seen in very fewer films so far. Was that a conscious decision to be choosy?
Not really. This year, I will be seen in two films. First is Lucknow Central and then, there’s Parmanu with John Abraham. The process cannot be called as choosy. It’s more of a personal choice and decision.

“Never even once did Ranjit Tiwari ever come across as a debutante director” – Diana Penty
“Never even once did Ranjit Tiwari ever come across as a debutante director” – Diana Penty

As in… can you please elaborate…
As in, this is the way I want to go on the journey in films. I like to do stories that are intriguing. If I don’t get a feeling about any script, then, I don’t see any point in doing it. For me to a do a film, I need to feel a story and the character that I am playing in the film.

What are the parameters that you look for in a film to give your nod?
Firstly, it’s the story, its genre, the relevance and significance of my character in the film. I would like to do content driven films.

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So, was it a yes at the first go for both the films viz., Lucknow Central and Parmanu?
Totally! When Lucknow Central’s script was being narrated to me by Ranjit, I instantly wanted to do the film. The script of the film was so beautifully written that there was hardly anything in the script which I wanted to change or alter. It was a perfectly written and an extremely well-balanced script. Same went for Parmanu as well (smiles).

Lucknow Central has a debutante director in the form of Ranjit. Were there any apprehensions or concerns about will he be able to deliver the film the way he had narrated the film?
Let me tell you that Ranjit is one person who has got such a clear thought process. He knew exactly what he wanted. Never even once did he ever come across as a debutante director. And when we started working together, all of us were extremely impressed with his dedication and sincere approach towards his work.

Even though you have done a handful of films, you have worked with many stars. Was there anything that you learnt from them?
Yes, lots of stuff.

Did you learn that you should be seen more often like all others?
(Laughs). I am doing that slowly now. This year, I have two films releasing. I am making up for all the time I was absent. I am also reading a few scripts. I really hope that something substantial will come my way.

Do you ever give suggestions to your director/s?
I don’t think that I am that qualified enough or experienced enough to do that. It’s a democratic environment although.

You have been a supermodel before and have walked many international ramps. Recently, there has been a news about banning skinny models who starve their way to stardom. What’s your take on the same?
Even though I cannot speak on anyone’s behalf, all that I can tell you is that I have been a super skinny person myself. Initially, while growing up, I used to cry about being skinny and not being able to put on weight. I even ate four bananas a day at the advice of a dietician. But, that too did not work. Eating has been my passion, considering that I am a half Parsi and a half Catholic (Goan)! I would like to tell people to accept themselves the way they are.

Do you miss leading a normal life, now that you are a star heroine?
Not really. The place where I work and my home are in two opposite directions. When I am home, I can walk and behave the way I want. There are no paparazzi happening on the other side of the town where I stay! Even if someone recognizes you, they will greet you with a Hi or a request for a photo with me.




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