Dasshera producer Aparana Hosing, who recently released her film in the theatres, says that she doesn’t think Rakhi Sawant is telling the truth in the whole #MeToo movement and Tanushree Dutta case.

Recently, actress Tanushree Dutta came out in open and put sexual allegations against Nana Patekar for harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. She not only did accused Nana but also took a dig at Rakhi by saying that someone with class should have replaced her in the film. After this statement, Rakhi too arranged a press conference and put some serious allegations on Tanushree like taking drugs, her sexuality and what not. This drama has now been stretched too far and it has gone legal.

Dasshera Producer Aparana Hosing On #MeToo Movement: Don’t Think Rakhi Sawant Is Telling The Truth
Dasshera Producer Aparana Hosing On #MeToo Movement: Don’t Think Rakhi Sawant Is Telling The Truth

When we spoke to Aparana, we asked her take on the above mentioned scenario and if she thinks that Rakhi is saying the truth at all. She said, “Rakhi Sawant has stretched this unnecessarily. She should know what she is speaking. Honestly, I don’t think she is telling the truth.”

Hailing from Banaras, producer Aparana Gosing started her career with radio and newspaper. Being an outsider in the industry, ask her if she has faced casting couch in the industry, to which she said, “I have never faced casting couch being an outsider.“ Talking about the entire #MeToo wave, Aparana expressed her views. “Absolutely. It’s great that all of them are coming out in open and speaking about it. But the only thing is, no one knows about who is speaking the truth and who’s not. I think these cases should be presented before law and this should be handled legally. Both the sides should come out,” she said.

Aparana also spoke about how the industry has changed completely and how the content films work over superstar’s films. “Today, the audiences have become smart and they know which movies to watch and which one they shouldn’t. I have witnessed the changed that the content based films are doing great at the box office. The viewers have become quite mature. So if today, a film has a big superstar or no, it doesn’t matter.”

Lastly, speaking about her next project, Aparana shared her movie plans. She said, “I have been planning my next with Dasshera’s writer Saurabh Chaudhary. Also I have my own story which is completely different. It is based on Science and Ved, it revolves around a kid who wants to become a scientist but instead he’s sent to Banaras and how is life changes. I have prepared the basic draft till now since we were busy with Dasshera’s release. I will be starting shooting for it in January or February and it will come out by the end of 2019.”

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